1 Charli XCX’s music video was shot at the same location as the ‘Se7en’ Box scene

Charli XCX is the greatest artist of her generation – and the artist behind “Beg For You”. Additionally, she starred in the official YouTube music video with “Tokyo Love Hotel” artist Rina Sawayama.

Later, Sawayama shared some fun facts about their filming location, highlighting another production filmed at the same desert location.

Charli XCX released ‘Crash’ and her single ‘Beg For You’ featuring Rina Sawayama

Rina Sawayama and Charli XCX attend Charli XCX’s ‘Crash’ Album Launch Party with Amazon Music | David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Amazon Music

Thanks to “femme fatale powers and a multitude of spells and curses”, Charli XCX has released her highly anticipated album, Accidentin 2022, the artist also embarking on his Accident– themed world tour.

The collection contained singles like “Good Ones”, “Baby” and “Every Rule”. Additionally, this production was accompanied by music videos featuring Charli XCX and her slew of “iconic” celebrity friends.

The “Beg For You” video featured this performer in shades of red and black dancing alongside Rina Sawayama. This YouTube clip has generated over 6 million views and dozens of angel and pixel comments.

“IT’S THE VIDEO OF THE YEAR! QUEENS,” one fan wrote. Another YouTube user noted, “I’m so obsessed with this song, I play it on repeat like crazy.”

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Charli XCX filmed a music video at the same location as ‘Se7en’

Accident included Christine and the Queens and Caroline Polachek on “New Shapes”. For a YouTube Elle video, Sawayama mentioned his work with Charli XCX on “Beg For You,” which was officially considered a “banger” by the “XS” singer.

“We shot the video in a place called Lancaster, which is outside of Los Angeles in a barren field, like [a] desert,” Sawayama said. “This is where the last shot of Se7fr was shot. “What’s in the box, man?” That one.”

“But it was January, and it was incredibly cold, and I’ve never been so cold,” she continued. “And there was just no way to keep me warm, because I was getting help putting on jackets between shots. It was just… the cold was in me at that point.

The movie mentioned by Sawayama stars Morgan Freeman, Brad Pitt and Kevin Spacey, telling the story of a serial killer with the “seven deadly sins”. Released in 1995, Se7fr is known for one of his final scenes, where Pitt screams about a mysterious box found in a field.

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Charli XCX released the music video “Hot In It” in 2022

Accident wasn’t Charli XCX’s only musical project of 2022. This artist teamed up with DJ/producer Tiësto for “Hot In It.” The original track has received over 35 million Spotify plays. A few weeks later, Charli XCX appeared in the official “Hot In It” music video.

She worked with Netflix stranger things to appear in an Upside Down concert. Charli XCX recently wrote, recorded and released a song for the Body Body Body soundtrack. “Hot Girl” is currently available on most major streaming platforms, as is the 2022 release. Accident.

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