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10 Albums Turning 10 This Year That Will Make You Feel Old

In 2012, the world was a much simpler place. We had never heard the word “coronavirus”, Kanye West was not yet Ye, and the only TikTok we knew was the song Ke$ha. But those times have changed and the music has changed with it. Music today is dominated by EDM and pop/R&B hits, but in 2012 it was folk rock, indie pop and a new roster of artists who would define the decade. .

Some albums have been excluded from this list to make it safe for all ears – our apologies to fans of Kendrick Lamar and Frank Ocean!

Ellie Goulding: Halcyon

Halcyon was the album that took Goulding from rising star to established force in the club pop sphere, and the space she has inhabited ever since.

The world was still in shock A beautiful dark and twisted fantasy when Lana introduced us to her beautiful dark and twisted reality.

Hip-hop had no idea how everything was about to change.

The Luminous: The Luminous

Oh! Hey! The Prohibition-era folk bubble, slap your thighs and stomp your boots, was at the height of its considerable size at this time, and no band understood its appeal better than the Lumineers. Good, almost no group…

Mumford and Sons: babel

Mumford and Sons were as inescapable as Levis and Big Mac in those days, and babel is as close as the band has ever come to a mission statement.

Ring of Purity: Sanctuaries

On the other side of the must-have spectrum, Purity Ring dropped a slippery treasure trove of cryptic pop tunes with an energy that indie bands have been chasing ever since.

Monsters and Men: My head is an animal

Of Monsters and Men split the difference between the folk rock of Mumford and the colder, weirder sounds of bands like Sigur Ros and Björk.

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Taming the Impala: Solitude

Each generation receives a band charged with not only keeping guitar rock alive, but passing it on to the next generation with new and fresh energy. With SolitudeTame Impala claimed the millennial coat.

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