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It can be a real challenge to find the right mortgage from the many thousands of mortgages in the marketplace. Yet, in changing your mortgage you could save thousands of pounds.

There are two main types of mortgage interest rate, fixed rate and variable rate. However, there are over 4000 mortgage products available at any one time, most with slightly different features, but based on those two types. This of course can make your choice very difficult, but with our specialist knowledge, experience and access to the whole of the mortgage market, we aim to make finding the right mortgage for you less difficult.

At Moneybox we can help find you the right mortgage solution, whether it’s a tracker, fixed or a discounted interest rate that you are looking for. Some mortgages even have the flexibility to make underpayments or overpayments. By spending a little bit of time getting to know your needs we can find the right mortgage for you with the right features at the right price and in doing so we could save you thousands of pounds. Just call our Freephone number 0800 280 20 20 for your free consultation.

Access to 4,000 Different Mortgages from 200 Different Lenders!

Like any other industry the mortgage market place has product ‘offers’. At different times, different lenders, offer special deals to attract particular types of borrowers. The mortgage sourcing technology that we use allows us to check over 4,000 different mortgages from over 200 lenders. This means that from one day to the next we can monitor the best deals in the market place. When this is combined with our specialist advice you can be sure that you will find the right mortgage for your circumstances. [costs]



King Coya & El Trip Selector

Axel K Soundsystem



El Remolón


9pm – 2am

$15 cover

Zizek Urban Beats Club:

In just 5 months Zizek has created a whirlwind of buzz and energy. Producers have come out of the woodwork eager for a new space to showcase their talent and wares. Zizek has been put on the map, nominated for best party of 2006 and upgraded to one of the best clubs in town. Hip Hop, Reggaeton, Dancehall and Mashups have played a key role in getting the dancefloor as fun as any in BA. The surprise and star of Zizek however has been Cumbia, a Latin American sound that is being transformed by avant-garde musicians and producers from the USA all the way down to Argentina.

Zizek is aimed at giving young producers and DJs who work with new ideas the chance to show what they’re doing in the current music scene; where you are just one click away from everything, where technology has been significantly democratized, where ideas play the key role.

Zizek is a Club with ideas, a space where new artists have been working on ways to play different sounds that are part of modern, urban music. The idea is to give those styles an Argentine touch, with the aim of putting Buenos Aires on the map of the global music scene.

Zizek is about emerging Hip Hop, Dancehall, Cumbia, and Reggaeton sounds and their respective variations: Grime, Crunk, Bastard Pop and Mashups. Every night, Zizek plays host to live shows performed by local MCs, producers, musicians and DJs.

Been looking for the hottest spot in BA with the hottest new DJs and MCs? You´ve found it.