Established in the 1960s as a specialist music institution, the College is struggling today. The equipment, the curriculum, the teachers and the students have all fallen behind the times November 24, 2022, 09:00 Last modification: November 24, 2022, 08:56 The Government Music College – the only official institution specializing inRead More →

MBourne-based R&B artist r.em.edy is gearing up to drop her debut EP, “Last Summer,” and she’s buzzing with nervous energy and anticipation. Years of work and refinement have led to this point. The project started as the tale of an adventure in the summer of 2020, before expanding to tellRead More →

Author : Jennifer Stone November 21, 2022 November 21, 2022 Reviving the freshness of pop music, skillful musical group ET Boys release their latest album ‘Forever Night’ which impresses fans with its energetic composition. If you are looking for buzzing and colorful pop music mixed with guitar notes, energetic enoughRead More →

Overall experience Hershey soft lights features two miles of wooded fields and trails decorated with nearly 600 animated, illuminated displays with unique themes created from approximately 2 million LED lights. People can recognize certain familiars hershey park merry-go-rounds and The 12 Days of Christmas transformed into great light displays atRead More →

They say friendship never goes out of style. It’s been two years since we’ve seen our favorite on-screen besties Damini, Umang, Anjana and Siddhi. This Emmy season nominated Four More Shots Please! saw the leading ladies return with a bang – literally! Visually representing the show’s powerful yet youthful theme,Read More →

Propelled by a soulful and powerful voice, the promising singer from Detroit, Alicia Michillireleased their new song ‘Full moon’ it’s a fun and heartfelt love ballad. The song is lively with exceptionally soothing music in the background. The acoustic instruments with her happy vocals give the song a country vibeRead More →

NORTH CHARLESTON – You’ve heard of March Madness. Get ready now for a fun and educational variation: Music Madness. The project at Dorchester District 2 High Schools is similar to NCAA basketball tournaments with their parentheses. In Music Madness, a Spanish song acts as a representative of each Spanish-speaking country.Read More →

French flamenco guitar maestro Juan Carmona is widely regarded as one of the most creative musicians of the new flamenco generation. Driven by a deep awareness of traditional styles, Carmona offers music that also rewards with remarkable modernity and emotional acuity. Born in Lyon, France, Carmona was a noted guitarRead More →

Comment this story Comment Before Verzuz and Club quarantine, four local music lovers were hosting their own discussions about the legacy of a genre whose relevance has been questioned in recent years. Since February 2018, Marcus K. Dowling, Julian Kimble, Ashley-Dior Thomas and Justin Tinsley have hosted the R&B clubRead More →

The popular Korean genre has cemented the production of gripping music videos as one of its hallmarks. From renting expensive studios, to traveling overseas to shoot a music video scene, to using chroma keys and computer-generated imagery, all of these efforts aim to provide fans with world-class releases every time.Read More →

Chinese-born artist Song Dong grew up using water to draw calligraphy on stones and then watching the characters disappear. This was the genesis of his ongoing project water log (1994–). In an exclusive interview shot as part of Art21 Extended game series, the artist recalls the importance of this projectRead More →