4 Websites to Download Music from YouTube to MP3

although today We are listening to music Mainly through services such as Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube Music, it is inevitable that occasionally there is a song that we are missing and cannot find. Just one YouTube search It makes us achieve that audio we crave. But to save it to your device, you will need a YouTube to MP3 converter.

YouTube allows you to upload your songs and videos to play within the app itself. But only if you are a YouTube Premium user. Pay, go. But if all you want is to play a song or sound on your smartphone when you have no connection, you can access a YouTube converter. A tool that extracts content and saves it. In the case of a song, in the MP3 audio format.

We have already seen alternative players to watch YouTube videos without ads and desktop tools to download videos from YouTube, TikTok and other platforms. And since there are not two without three, let’s see several youtube to mp3 converters to expand your music collection with little gems you find on YouTube.

YouTube MP3 Online Video Converter

we start with YouTube MP3 Online Video Converter, one of many YouTube converters that lets you choose to save the video or audio. The video in MP4 format and sound in MP3 format. It’s very easy to use and has the advantage of having no annoying ads and no registration required.

As simple as searching the song on YouTube, copying the link and pasting it into the blank field of this YouTube converter. Then we click on Convert and wait. The online tool will detect the video and ask you if you want to download it, upload another video or share it on Facebook. Click on Dump and we will get an MP3 with that song we were looking for.

this youtube converter works for audio and video


In the portal OnlineVideoConverter there are converters for all tastes. One of them is used precisely to convert YouTube videos to MP3. No ads, no registration and as easy as pasting the YouTube video link, clicking Begin and finally in To download.

This converter acts as video downloader from YouTube. In other words, if we click on the MP3 drop-down menu and change it to MP4, you can save the full video, with image and sound. you will see the video thumbnail and the corresponding download button.

A minimalist yet practical YouTube to MP3 converter

YouTube to MP3 Converter BigConv

Another great online tool that acts as a YouTube to MP3 converter. His name is YouTube to MP3 Converter BigConv That is BigConv to dry. You don’t bother with ads, you don’t need to register, and you don’t have to download anything to your phone or computer. MP3 audio only with that song you wanted.

Its operation is identical to the previous tools. You search the song on YouTube, copy the link, paste it in the search box of BigConv and click on Look for. You will see the technical information of the video: name, size it occupies, maximum available bitrate and duration. Just click on the download icon on the right and enjoy.

With this YouTube converter, you can choose the quality of audio or video to save

getmp3 youtube downloader

Whether you want to record or download YouTube videos or just looking for MP3 audio, with getmp3 youtube downloader you will be more than satisfied. Ad-free and ready to use on any device via web browser. Like the previous examples, let’s go.

When you paste the video link, this YouTube converter display a drop-down list with the qualities available in audio. For example, an MP3 sounds better at 320 kbps than at 64 kbps. From the drop-down menu, you can choose to save audio but also the video in MP4. Choose the option you want and click Dump. It’s so simple.