A job-by-job overview of the Milwaukee list

With Major League Baseball on hold, the Brewers beat reporter Tom Haudricourt and host JR Radcliffe take a look at the Brewers roster shot by shot, including some guys you might have overlooked. Where will the team’s best prospects fit into the 2022 equation? What movements will the team make when things get back to normal? Also, what is the general feeling about the current work situation? Franchise finally adds a name to his Walk of Fame. And a farewell to the old public relations manager Tom “Sky” Skibosh.

Following:After a positive winter ball experience, Brewers pitcher Ethan Small is on the doorstep of the big leagues

Following:Brewers award minor league deals to former major league first baseman Tyler White and Jonathan Singleton

Following:The Milwaukee Brewers turned the problematic outfield situation into a possible asset by trading Jackie Bradley Jr. for Hunter Renfroe

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