A Solution to Convert Apple Music to MP3

One of the most popular platforms for streaming music, videos, podcasts, etc. is Apple Music. With just one click, you can stream multiple videos. You must have a subscription to use Apple Music, which entitles you to a variety of videos and audios. Although you cannot stream these audio and video files without an internet connection, you can access them offline.

You need to use an Apple Music Converter to download your favorite songs so that you can use them on all apps and devices and stream them without an internet connection. After downloading these tracks to your device, you can even share or edit them.

You’ve come to the right place if you don’t know how to convert Apple Music songs to MP3. Here we are going to show you one of the best methods to do it. We will tell you in detail how to do it using the HitPaw Video Converter app.

What are Apple Music and Apple Music Converter?

By subscribing to Apple Music, you can access millions of music tracks, movies, TV shows, and other content. You have to pay to use this service to stream your favorite music and movies. Only after subscribing to the paid Apple Music service can you listen to a variety of songs and watch movies. You can download and play Apple Music content offline, or you can add it to your iPhone account and stream it online. Before you can access Apple Music without a network connection, you need to download it to your mobile device first.

First you need a converter to turn iTunes song to MP3 to download Apple Music to your device. A variety of Apple Music converters are available to help you download Apple Music in MP3 format to your device so that you can stream it when you are not online. To convert an iTunes song to MP3, you can use one of the many Apple Music converters available.

HitPaw Video Converter Apple Music to MP3

Why do we need an Apple Music Converter?

Apple Music can only be played on devices with an approved subscription, a stable internet connection through your phone, iTunes installed on the device for playback, and it cannot be played on any other device. However, if you don’t have a paid Apple Music subscription, your subscription is over the limit, or you don’t have a reliable network connection, you need to download the song using Apple Music Converter in order to to broadcast it even when you’re not. on line.

To download Apple Music to MP3, you need an online Apple Music Converter. You can stream different audio and video files to your device without internet by downloading Apple Music to MP3.

HitPaw Video Converter Apple Music to MP3

HitPaw Video Converter: Best Way to Convert Apple Music to MP3

One of the best solutions for downloading and converting audio and video files is HitPaw Video Converter. You can download audio files from over 10,000 popular video streaming websites and convert them to over a thousand different formats with just one click. The app always converts and plays the highest quality audio, and no data is ever lost.

HitPaw Video Converter provides a video player for you to watch the downloaded video as it supports a wide range of codecs. You can edit the video using HitPaw Video Converter’s built-in editor to enhance your viewing and listening enjoyment. Using HitPaw Video Converter, you can edit videos by trimming, joining, cropping, rotating and adding filters and effects.

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HitPaw Video Converter Apple Music to MP3

HitPaw Video Converter Features:

  • It can download videos from over 10,000 websites.
  • You can use more than 1000 audio and video formats.
  • Support downloading bulk videos or whole playlist.
  • Fast conversion speed without compromising on quality.
  • Also converts Apple Music, iTunes Music, audiobooks and podcasts.
  • Works for all Android and iOS devices.

How to Convert Apple Music to MP3 Using HitPaw Video Converter

1. On your device, download and install HitPaw Video Converter, then open the app. Go to iTunes Music after clicking Add Files on HitPaw homepage.

2. As soon as you choose the iTunes Music option, iTunes opens. When you sign in to iTunes, make sure you’re using the same Apple ID that you used to purchase an Apple Music subscription.

3. Each item in your iTunes library will appear. After choosing a category from the left sidebar, all the media files that are kept in that category will then appear on the home page. The unlock symbol in the “Status” section indicates when a file was converted with this software. The file is still secure if the lock icon is present.

4. Select the audio files you want to convert by checking the box. You can select as many tracks as you want. Click the “Confirm” button to start scanning the selected files.

5. After the rating process is completed, you can either start converting Apple Music files or choose new songs to rate.

6. Once you choose the format conversion, the converted music files will be available in the conversion list. You can export the converted music to your desired quality, format and folder.

7. After setting output parameters, click the Convert button to convert the currently selected file, or click the Convert All button to convert all files at once. After the conversion processes are completed, you can check the converted files under the Converted tab and start editing or playing them.


Both amateurs and experts can convert videos with HitPaw Video Converter. When installed on your PC, you can download videos from over 10,000 websites, convert audio or video to a variety of formats, and edit downloaded or converted files. You can also convert videos and Apple Music to MP3 with just one click.

If the free version surprised you, you can get the most out of it with the premium version by downloading high resolution videos as often as you want at a fast pace. If you don’t want to use the desktop app and prefer online converters, we suggest you try HitPaw Online Converter. We strongly advise you to start using HitPaw solutions now.