After Bigg Boss, I took a conscious break from television because I wanted to explore other avenues, spend time with my family, Jasmin… and did some music videos.

Mumbai: Aly Goni has been in fiction and non-fiction shows such as Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, MTV Splitsvilla 5, Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi 9 and Nach Baliye 9. Her popularity only increased than when the actor took part in Bigg Boss 14 last year. But since then, he hasn’t taken over any TV shows. We wonder what is stopping him and the actor responds.
“After Bigg Boss, I took a break from TV. It was a conscious decision as I wanted to explore other opportunities, avenues. I worked on myself. I often traveled to my hometown of Jammu to spend more time with my family. I made some music videos,” he shares.

People still remember him as Romi Bhalla from Yeh hai Mohabbatein. “It’s true that the character of Romi Bhalla was quite popular. I feel blessed to have received so much love. When you are part of something as magical as this show, you feel like it. I have really enjoyed doing the show,” he adds.

On the changes he’s had in the industry over the years, the actor said, “The industry has definitely evolved in every department. A variety of content is explored and how. The public has become more intelligent, mature and receptive to new ideas. The stories are more realistic now. Drama still sells on TV, but unlike before, I don’t think it overdoes it, which is a good thing. »

Aly was happy to make music videos. He also traveled a lot. “I also spend quality time with Jasmin (Bhasin; actor, Aly’s girlfriend). Visiting my hometown several times made me even more excited. I also met a few producers in Bollywood and OTT,” he adds.

The actor is open to roles that would honor his talent. “I ideally seek to work on both OTT and TV. Ideally, I would like to do finished series and that too roles that would really push me to give my best and make me take on a project,” he shares.

Aly has worked for both TV and OTT. About the difference he noticed in the two mediums, he adds: “The two mediums work differently. A daily soap pattern and pressures are different because you need to produce episodes regularly. In OTT, the content is more real. I think action-based thrillers and stories work more on OTT,” he says.

The OTT boom is here to stay. “The pandemic has opened the doors to OTT. Even people who were not used to watching content online have become addicted to OTT. The last two years have definitely changed the listening pattern. And I think over time more and more people will enjoy watching streaming platforms. At the same time, I think that with OTT, television and the big screen will coexist,” he concludes.