Album Review: Diplo – Diplo

Album Review: Diplo - Diplo

New version of Diplo is full of mesmerizing dance

“Superstar DJ” music producer and label owner, Diplo (born Thomas Wesley Pentz), just released his latest collection of works on March 4. The eponymous electronic album is full of effervescent sounds and dancing rhythms. A testament to Diplo’s expert DJing and production skills, this 14-song album flows beautifully from track to track, never breaking the mellow vibe they create at any point.

“Don’t Forget My Love” is a nostalgic love song with a catchy theme and hook. The song revolves around a motif that involves desire and depth of emotion. The choice of instrumentation is that of a piano and an electric guitar, accompanied by a techno rhythm and synths, which complement each other very well. The lyrics are poetic and intense, bringing a nice complement to the music.

The light reggae rhythm of “High Rise” gives it a smooth feel that flows very well throughout the song. Leon Bridges’ vocals are graceful and beautiful, and the rhythm of the vocals is a great addition to the overall rhythm present below. Overall this song is smooth and sweet, but still offers dance and melodic beauty.

“Your Eyes” is a bubbly song that follows “High Rise” quite well, as it still achieves that signature sweetness. The song has a distinct quality that makes you feel like you’re underwater. The mesmerizing lyrics are beautifully sung by RY X, and the song is deeply poignant overall.

The slight, minor qualities of “One By One” are expertly portrayed in both the lyrics and the music of this song. This piece recalls a late night, vaguely filled with loneliness or sorrow. The frail-sounding horns of the first chorus lend a sense of fragility to the mood, but then Diplo adds a powerful-sounding electric guitar on the hook. This completes the lyrics which declare that the singer “can still hold on”, creating a beautiful story-like arcing trajectory for the whole piece.

After “One By One”, it’s “Promises”, with Paul Woolford and Kareen Lomax. This pop and blues song is melancholic but also confident, with the singer saying he “can’t make promises [they’ll] always be at home. The sad lyrics are backed by a slow chord progression that builds into a rhythmic, action-packed dance song. The music is the perfect backdrop for the song’s confident yet painful lyrics.

For any EDM fan, this album fits any dance playlist and offers a variety of stylistic techniques to listen to and enjoy. The album is a full hour of dancing bliss, but it will likely take more hours to enjoy, as each song will likely be repeated multiple times.