An artist who creates history in the music industry

For too long the genre of music has been as exclusive as it is vast. With its catchy melodies and hymn refrains, it’s easy to understand what still places it among the most popular genres in the world. But the image of who is on the other end of those voices was, and still is, uniformly the same.

As an artist raised in Delhi, Almmox will tell us about the mega-viral single “Contra”. Yet his three words chosen to describe his sound to anyone who may be new to his music are universally welcoming: pleasure, innovation and luxury. The young man behind Almmox was six when he discovered his love for music. After graduating with a Bachelor of Technology, music has never left him and today he is one of the best emerging artists. Almmox never thought there would come a day when he could express his experiences, but now the pages have turned, and he has stepped away from the silence to talk about his way of seeing the world with the perfect mix of lyrics. and rhythm. .

Almmox is fueled by all of the life experiences that created the emotional release of each song. Each of his songs is one step ahead of his previous music. The Indian vocal powerhouse takes these common pop tropes and playfully twists them in her head for incredibly rewarding results, like a much-needed shot of coffee, at the heart of the genre.

Almmox strongly believes that consistency is the key to the music industry. Almmox says: “I believe that the energy that you put in the world, you get it back, and that has always marked me because it makes me want to be the best version of myself and to do a job. the highest quality because I only know great things will come of it. “

Almmox’s expressive voice has made him one of the new emerging artists to watch in the industry. He uses his voice for what feels right to him at the time and knows that people will be able to understand everything he says because they can easily put themselves in his shoes – whether or not they’ve already been through something. similar themselves!

Almmox made the headlines for his album “Lujo”, released on October 4, 2021. He recently released the banger video with another sensational artist.

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