Artist Spotlight: Stalking Gia has an unparalleled work ethic

In an interview with Flaunt magazine, New York native Stalking Gia said, “I am a creator, I live to create art and turn my life and stories into music. Every day is a different day. Inspired by iconic figures such as David Bowie and Audrey Hepburn, it’s no surprise that creation and eccentrics are at the forefront of the singer’s career.

Stalking Gia is known for creating ballads, mostly inspired by real events. Nerd at heart, the singer’s stage name derives from her love of video games, being the username for her World of Warcraft account. It serves as a unique reference to social media and its many inconsistencies, which the singer also talks about in her music.

The singer gained popularity with his 2016 viral single, “Second nature,” which alternative artist blackbear later sampled in his song, “I wish you the best.” Thanks to the help of blackbear, Stalking Gia collaborated with him on “miracle” earning over 20 million streams since its release in 2018.

After the success of “miracles” came an EP, which debuted later that year, called “PTSD”. With just five tracks, the compilation saw the singer open up about her personal life, hinting at cinematic romances and thoughts of longing and yearning for someone.

From there, Stalking Gia continued to write her own music, co-produce, as well as play piano and guitar in the new material she was working on, taking two years to hone her skills even further in order to release. the single. “The nicest thing.”

Contrary to the lighthearted and flirtatious nature of “PTSD,” this new single was a step in the opposite direction, with the singer detailing a relationship that ended in pain and trauma. Reminiscing about the good and the bad, Stalking Gia has become an even more vulnerable and accessible musician to fans, proving that all a rising singer-songwriter writes isn’t sunshine and rainbows. -sky.

For the singer, self-love is an important theme in her new music, which is evident in tracks such as “Worship” and “Astronaut.” Dropping both songs last year, the first track is Stalking Gia struggling to realize her own worth, but with the help of a supportive and kind partner she will eventually come to a place of understanding with herself. .

Meanwhile, “Astronaut” saw a return to the theme of lost love, with the singer wishing the person she once loved could see that she never wanted things to end. After the release of this song came two more singles, “Blue” and “the saddest happy girl.”

“Blue” definitely stuck with the theme of losing a lover, but “Saddest Happy Girl” saw a shift in perspective, harking back to Stalking Gia’s old views of herself. This final track explored the struggles and pressures of finding life’s purpose, an existential tone that the singer is good at encapsulating for listeners.

As 2022 draws to a close, Stalking Gia has still managed to release even more music, including an all-Spanish song titled “Ya Legue,” which was performed alongside French Horn Rebellion and Cimafunk.

The singer also recently released a new single titled “obviously…” where she calls a person who plays with their emotions, self-esteem and confidence; it’s a song full of regret with a hint of revenge.

With no upcoming tour, Stalking Gia is now continually promoting herself via social media, including through the use of TikTok. By posting covers and original music, the singer has captured the attention of over 38,000 subscribers, all of whom are impressed.

Stalking Gia is a rising musician, an independent artist who is not afraid to slowly work her way to the top. It would be a shock if the singer didn’t hit the Top 40 in a year or two, as her tenuous work ethic and wisdom have become one of the main reasons she receives a mass following.


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