Audrina Reveals Justin Timberlake Shaded Hills Cast at VMAs

Audrina Patridge has revealed singer Justin Timberlake once shaded the cast of The Hills when he accepted his award at the 2008 MTV VMAs.

Audrina Patridge is definitely not Justin Timberlake’s team because The hills The star revealed the pop star once shaded the show as she, Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port stood on the VMAs stage alongside him. In September 2007, the reality series aired its third season and its stars were on top of the world. The hills was created when reality TV was still relatively new and set the bar for what a successful reality TV series looks like. While today’s reality TV stars have hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers, they aren’t necessarily stalked by paparazzi like The hills the stars were. Back then, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt made all the tabloid covers with their staged paparazzi photoshoots and achieved levels of fame that only the Kar-Jenners could rival.


It was around the 90s and early 2000s that MTV transitioned from music videos to reality TV shows. The real world aired on the network in 1992 and featured stars like weird eye starring Karamo Brown. The show invited a group of adults to live together in a new town in a house while being filmed 24/7. The popular series is the longest running in MTV history and is credited with inspiring the modern model of reality TV the world watches today. The hills might never have had its moment to shine without The real world popularize reality TV. It’s rare to find a single music video airing on MTV these days. Instead, the network dedicated itself to reality shows like teen mom, Jersey Shore: Family Vacationand from 2018 to 2021 they even aired The Hills: A New Beginninga reboot of the original series.

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According to Audrina, in 2007, the former NSYNC member wasn’t thrilled with MTV’s move from music videos to reality TV, and he had no problem voicing his opinion onstage at the VMAs as The hills the cast stood beside him. Audrina was the guest of The Viall files podcast hosted by the bachelorette contestant Nick Viall where she remembered the moment. Nick and Audrina discussed the world’s inability to forgive Justin, 18 years after his Super Bowl performance with Janet Jackson, where the star had a twinge at the end of his performance with Justin. The incident had a negative impact on Janet for the rest of her career, while Justin received far less blame.

The host asked Audrina for her opinion on the audience’s reaction to recent videos of her dancing skills during her performances. Audrina didn’t have much of an opinion on the situation but shared her own negative experience with the “SexyBack” singer. “You know he put us to shame once,” revealed Audrina. The hills The star explained that she was at the VMAs a year to present an award that Justin won, and when he took the stage he ignored Audrina, Lauren and Whitney and instead ranted about how MTV should bring back music videos and stop broadcast reality TV shows. Justin’s exact quote was: “play more fucking videos. We don’t want to see The Simpsons or reality TV play any more videos.While Nick wondered if the comments were intentional or not, Audrina was pretty sure they were and explained that she and her teammates were shocked when they walked off stage.

While Justin isn’t the only person missing MTV’s music video days, standing on stage next to the biggest reality TV stars of the moment wasn’t the best place to voice his opinion. It was incredibly disrespectful, especially since Audrina revealed that both Lauren and Whitney were big fans of the singer. Unfortunately for Justin, reality TV has only really taken off since 2007, and he’s probably seen an episode or two of a reality TV show since then. The hills was also able to maintain its success as more than 15 years after its premiere, fans are still talking about the series and waiting for its next reboot. It looks like Justin ultimately didn’t get his wish.

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Source: Viall Files

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