Beardyman to Collaborate with Fans on New Album

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By Andy Malt | Posted on Thursday, July 21, 2022

Beardyman has announced a new crowdfunding project for his upcoming album, which will not only allow fans to fund the recording of the project, but also have the opportunity to contribute directly to its creation. The project – dubbed ‘Milking The Community’ – includes two tiers of funding, the production team and the technical consultant, which cost £6.75 and £10 per month respectively.

Fans participating in the program will be able to make creative suggestions to Beardyman, who will then create tracks based on those suggestions and subsequent conversations. Some of these tracks will appear on his next album and, if applicable, the fan who inspired each featured track will receive 10% of the resulting recording rights and royalties.

At the higher tier of Technical Consultant, fans will also have access to videos, tutorials, and Q&As that provide more insight into the creative process of the producer and beatboxer; a special Discord server; and a bunch of demos, stems, and other studio content.

“To my knowledge, this is a unique proposal in music history, and it is a potentially industry-disruptive funding structure with the marginal possibility for patrons…to see a return on their investment in an artist,” Beardyman says.

“I will call you personally, we will talk about music, life and the universe, we will exchange inspirations, thoughts and influences, we will inspire each other, and what we will do will be a song that we all have both contributed writing – and that’s where it gets really interesting,” he continues. “If I really like the track we’re doing, I’ll put it on the album. We both have motivation to make it as good as possible, because I’m going to include you as a writer on the track. You will share in the streaming revenue.”

“It’s the investment a record label would normally make in an artist, the leap of faith they would normally make by funding an ‘advance’ to keep an artist in the dark while they create their next work. of art decisive for his career”, he continues. “A record company will appoint an A&R person to oversee the creation of the work to ensure it appeals to the record company. It’s not the atmosphere. I have a better idea. I want to make you the A&R representatives of a label made up entirely of my true supporters, the ultimate consumers of the art itself. This has never been done before”.

Commenting on the project, Gee Linford-Grayson, Head of Patreon’s Creator Partnerships Team in the UK and Ireland, adds, “Patreon is extremely focused on providing the platform and infrastructure that creators need to create on their own terms and be successful in growing and managing their creative businesses, and Beardyman takes his community with him.”

Learn more about the project here.

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