Becoming the Archetype shares first song from comeback album

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Becoming The Archetype has shared a video for their new single “The Lost Colony,” which comes from the band’s first album since 2012’s “I AM.”

The new album will be titled “Children of the Great Extinction” and is scheduled for release on August 26. The disc also marks the return of Jason Wisdom to vocals.

He had this to say: “The task of creating a new album after more than 10 years away from the band was very daunting to me, to say the least. It’s not about creating new music. I’ve written and released over 50+ songs over the past decade with other projects. The hardest part was the idea of ​​trying to capture the true spirit of Becoming the Archetype.

“Nostalgic fans have expectations that are impossible to meet. Those of us in the band have unique life stories that we bring to the table after all this time apart – we’ve grown in different ways as people and as different ways. So when we finally set to accomplish this “comeback” album, we all agreed that it had to sound like what people remember when they think of BtA. Other than that, we just did as we always did – we hunted down the sounds we love.

“We hope old fans will listen and feel like they are visiting an old friend after many years. At the same time, we hope new fans will experience something new and current.” Watch the video below:

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Becoming the Archetype shares first song from comeback album

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