Billie Eilish’s Zodiac Sign Explains ‘Male Fantasy’ Music Video Release Date

In astrology, nothing is ever a coincidence. I often say, “We make plans and astrology backs them up,” which means that while astrology doesn’t control us or hamper our free will, it does explain why you decided to quit your job on. this particular day, or in one case, why Billie Eilish released a music video for “Male Fantasy” during the season of Sagittarius. Falling at a time when it comes to self-expression, this clip couldn’t have come at a better time. In fact, the date Billie chose to release the music video for “Male Fantasy” was only two days after the solar eclipse in Sagittarius, which – given that she is a sun in Sagittarius – was quite an event. special for her.

Fun fact: Anytime a major lunation is alongside your sun, it tends to be quite a special time for you. In astrology, eclipses tend to coincide with some sort of major event – and when it comes to a solar eclipse, that likely indicates that a new beginning is on the horizon. In Billie’s case, she’s embarked on many new beginnings this year. she dropped Happier than ever in July, and has released several music videos since then to accompany the album’s launch.

Taking place in the same sign as her sun, the solar eclipse in Sagittarius on December 4 probably served as a period of renewal for the singer. Additionally, Billie Eilish’s birth chart provides some insight into the significance of the timing of her “Male Fantasy” music video on December 6th.

Robert Smith / Patrick McMullan / Getty Images

Billie’s Sagittarius Sun is placed in her career tenth house and public image

Looking at Billie’s chart, her sun is placed in the 10th house, along with Venus and Pluto. Individuals who have their sun placed in this area of ​​the charts are generally known publicly for their careers, and this is often a major indicator that the individual will be quite popular, which is … pretty safe to say about the singer. With a stack of planets in Sagittarius, she will always be quite affected by the major lunations that take place in this sign – especially since they would take place in the realm of public image and profession. As a Sagittarius, Billie will also always be someone who needs a lot of freedom to try new things in her career, which can also mean she’s doing a lot of experimenting in the public eye. The good thing is that her courage to be vulnerable with audiences has been fairly well received so far – and that’s certainly a theme in her music.

In the “male fantasy”music video, Billie remembers a relationship that basically ended and tries to convince herself that she hates her ex-partner in order to move on. She was also seen trying to distract herself while she was at home so as not to think about her old flame. Breakups can often coincide with major lunations like eclipses, and the timing of this clip’s release symbolically allowed her to finally release the lingering feelings she had for this person. After all, endings tend to coincide with powerful new beginnings.

Billie is also a Pisces ancestry which means she is incredibly sensitive and intuitive, but also quite misunderstood. Ascendant Pisces are like the chameleons in the zodiac because they never stay the same for too long. Due to their fluid nature, it can be easy for people to project their own ideals onto them, making it difficult for them to separate who they really are from what people perceive to be. While this can be a difficult placement to work with at times, Pisces individuals are unbelievably talented singers (Justin Bieber is a Pisces sun) and can easily channel emotions into their music, which Billie is good at. With fire and water both heavily represented on his charts, his music will continue to strike the chords of those around the world (check out the music video for “Male Fantasy”, which is definitely a teary one).