Acclaimed Los Angeles Rockers Dawes share their epic new single, “Someone Else’s Café / Doomscroller Tries to Relax”, available now via Rounder Records on all DSPs and streaming services. An official music video is also available today via YouTube. “Someone Else’s Café/Doomscroller Tries to Relax” marks the opening track ofRead More →

Pandemic-era art has given us a shortcut for collective experience – sourdough entrees, whipped coffee, platoons, loneliness, confinement, boredom. Over time, embraced by enough of those who are bored and lonely, repetition strips away emotional texture until those signifiers feel flat and impersonal. Canadian indie stalwarts Julie Doiron and DanyRead More →

“It happened pretty organically,” said McGraw, who was taking a break from tour preparations when he called for this interview. “I was on the couch one day watching TV, and one afternoon my phone rang and it was a number I didn’t recognize. Usually I don’t answer those calls. YouRead More →

Sydney indie pop artist, Sarah Yagki returns with her first new music of 2022 as she expands her sonic territory with ‘Wanted More’ featuring R&B arrangements. After a productive 2021 that saw Sarah release a slew of singles built on honest songwriting, “Wanted More” continues the young artist’s momentum withRead More →

Ilana Zaks 1:02 a.m., April 14, 2022 Collaborating journalist Yale Daily News Earlier this week, world-renowned violinist Hilary Hahn was welcomed to Yale as a 2022 Chubb Fellow. The Chubb Scholarship is awarded by Timothy Dwight College and is one of the University’s highest honors for a visiting lecturer whoRead More →

With his deep, rich voice and distinctive style, MCA Nashville artist Josh Turner is one of country music’s most recognizable hit-makers. From her platinum-selling 2003 debut, Long Black Train, to her 2017 Billboard No. 1 release, Deep South, Turner has garnered multiple GRAMMY®, CMA, and ACM Award nominations and receivedRead More →

Tyler the Creator is thrilled with his second Grammy win and thanks everyone who played a part in his success, including his critics. The rapper, who was not present at the 64th Annual Grammy Awardstake from instagram live on Sunday to deliver an informal acceptance speech, saying he was “excited”Read More →

“Featuring Kilo Kish” and “by Kilo Kish” have different success. Although Kish’s upbeat, cheerful voice turns twisted, maniacaland sparkling in his collaborations with Vince Staples and Gorillaz, this range rarely carried over to his solo work, especially his early music, which tended to be indistinct despite its diartic accounts ofRead More →

“I was so nice until I woke up / I was polite until I spoke,” sings Maren Morris on “Humble Quest“, the title track from her third album, out today (March 25). It’s been three years since the release of Girl, the second set that made Morris a star inRead More →

Comparisons were perhaps inevitable given her voice – a brassy alto propelled by a raspy projection – but Jensen McRae wears Tracy Chapman’s affecting on his sleeve. The 24-year-old’s austere folk songs center on lonely guitars, with bluesy grooves and linear narratives delivered in second person. Yet the most strikingRead More →

Even with Miranda’s imprimatur, the “Hamilton” creator, Tony, Emmy and Grammy winner “Encanto” might have seemed like a long shot as a mainstream pop hit. The album is a pan-Latin fusion that draws inspiration from Colombian folk styles like vallenato and bambuco, with touches of salsa, Broadway bomb and SpanishRead More →

Dedicated EarthGang Mirror country, their first major label, with many Atlanta sounds. Staging their hometown’s rich musical heritage in the form of a wacky carnival, Olu and WowGr8 fused the drum lines of Battle of the Bands and the funk of Dungeon Family, trap bounce and call and Sunday serviceRead More →

“Marchita” (“Withered”), her breakthrough record released in January, finds Mexican singer-songwriter Silvana Estrada in full bloom of love loss. With titles such as “Te Guardo” (“I Guard You”) and “Tristeza” (“Sadness”), Estrada, who is 24, admits that “Marchita” is “all about grief and longing. … I needed to make thisRead More →

When Bloc Party returned last year, announcing sixth album ‘Alpha Games’ with lead single ‘Traps’, you might have quickly checked your calendar to see if it was 2021 or 2005. An indie banger reminiscent of the breakthrough years of the band, if you thought the return to the heavier soundRead More →

kings of death were formed from the ashes of the decimation of the live music industry by the global pandemic. Guitarist Mike “Muerto” Gantzer (Aqueous), bassist Ryan “Little King” Stasik (Umphrey’s McGee), and drummer Mikey “Ox” Carubba (formerly of Turkuaz) channeled their incandescent rage into the new punk/metal project, whichRead More →

“Song of the Second Moon” was based on a rhythmic pulse and incorporated tape manipulation and several Ondes Martenots. He predicted the seething sound that became associated with Jean-Jacques Perry and presaged the machine beat that Giorgio Moroder incorporated into his Donna Summer productions. It is also echoed in theRead More →

New year, new series of polls. Throughout 2021, we’ve asked you to vote for your favorite songs by a different group of rock and metal artists every week, and this week we’re getting back to the routine. So what’s the best Metallica cover? That’s what we want to know fromRead More →

The Weeknd has certainly thrown down the gauntlet to his peers in 2022. The Canadian singer (real name Abel Tesfaye) not only released the new hit album Dawn FM, but also said it was part of a trilogy of releases. The Weeknd’s rise into the pop music stratosphere has beenRead More →

JJJJJerome Ellis says, “To me, stuttering is a wild animal, and it is my practice to continue to follow it where it wants to go.” The multi-instrumentalist, writer and composer frequently cites “stuttering” among his disciplines, referring to his glottis block, an involuntary dysfluidity of speech that manifests as pausesRead More →

Fleetwood Mac’s catalog is as legendary as the group’s dramatic history, but when it comes to the group’s “most underrated song”, Lindsey Buckingham’s choice might surprise fans. In a new interview with Vulture, Buckingham named “Tusk” as the group’s “most underrated song”. RELATED: Lindsey Buckingham Thinks Stevie Nicks Might NotRead More →

No one writes about humanity – our hopes and dreams, our obsessions and follies – quite like Richard Dawson. Singer and guitarist from Newcastle upon Tyne in the north of England, Dawson works freely in the folk tradition, although this is only just beginning to explain the scale and eccentricityRead More →

In the late ’90s, Margo Guryan’s husband David Rosner opened an envelope that had arrived in the mail from Japan, and the two were surprised at what it contained: a royalty check generated from sales. from Mrs. Guryan’s album “Take a Picture. “ The surprise was that the record –Read More →

Ichiko Aoba’s greatest strength is her ability to create pockets of privacy. The Japanese singer-songwriter’s panting voice and placid guitar playing, often the only sounds you hear on her records, create a mesmerizing shroud that makes you feel like she’s playing to yourself. Aoba has been building a clientele inRead More →

Click to enlarge Known crown bearers: Billie Eilish (left) and Lorde What is a failure for a pop star these days? The music industry is built so lopsided that the biggest names are essentially too big to fail. Even if audiences don’t demand an artist’s current batch of tracks, they’llRead More →

Adèle’s new album “30” is almost here! The singer’s highly anticipated fourth studio album arrives Friday – six years after her last album, “25” of 2015. In the weeks leading up to the album’s release, Adele caused a stir with fans, first releasing the song “Easy on Me”, dropping theRead More →

Grammy-winning rock band Alabama Shake have released a deluxe edition of their acclaimed 2013 album Sound & Color, which features B-sides, rarities and unreleased tracks. To celebrate the album’s release, the band released a new song, “Someday”. Fans can purchase the album on Bandcamp. The award-winning group, born in Athens,Read More →