JJJJJerome Ellis says, “To me, stuttering is a wild animal, and it is my practice to continue to follow it where it wants to go.” The multi-instrumentalist, writer and composer frequently cites “stuttering” among his disciplines, referring to his glottis block, an involuntary dysfluidity of speech that manifests as pausesRead More →

Fleetwood Mac’s catalog is as legendary as the group’s dramatic history, but when it comes to the group’s “most underrated song”, Lindsey Buckingham’s choice might surprise fans. In a new interview with Vulture, Buckingham named “Tusk” as the group’s “most underrated song”. RELATED: Lindsey Buckingham Thinks Stevie Nicks Might NotRead More →

No one writes about humanity – our hopes and dreams, our obsessions and follies – quite like Richard Dawson. Singer and guitarist from Newcastle upon Tyne in the north of England, Dawson works freely in the folk tradition, although this is only just beginning to explain the scale and eccentricityRead More →

In the late ’90s, Margo Guryan’s husband David Rosner opened an envelope that had arrived in the mail from Japan, and the two were surprised at what it contained: a royalty check generated from sales. from Mrs. Guryan’s album “Take a Picture. “ The surprise was that the record –Read More →