Crossing is warehouse music; looks like the lights are out, or maybe strobe. On previous EPs — the 2020s ROSETTE and acclaimed 2019 Nūr– The Sudanese American artist Dua Saleh has fleshed out a genre-defying niche that alternated voices influenced by gospel and languid and poetic rap on austere synths.Read More →

Sometimes Atlanta’s Bktherula cuts raging headbangers big and polished enough for her city’s mainstream machine. Other times, the 19-year-old’s songs are melodic and ethereal, with a demo feel that has more in common with the local underground scene. On his pretty funny 2020 mixtapes—Nirvana and Love Santana– this versatility lookedRead More →

Death metal is defined largely by its extremity, so it perhaps goes without saying that the genre’s most provocative band is also its greatest commercial success. Buffalo, Cannibal Corpse from New York released their debut album, Eaten back to life, in 1990. Four years later, they would appear in theRead More →

Jessica Carson has been closely linked to the Front Range music scene since she moved to Longmont from Texas over ten years ago. Left to right, Clandestine Amigo’s Kyle Donovan and Jessica Carson perform during a video shoot in Erie in January 2020 (Jordan Bass / Courtesy Photo) While sheRead More →