Charlie Puth’s Latest Album Is His Most ‘Personal’ Work to Date E! News UK

Charlie Puth calls his latest album his most “personal” work to date.

The 30-year-old singer is set to release his third album ‘Charlie’ in October 2022 and admitted that although it’s a “cliché, the album is closest to his heart due to the amount of his “personality” he put into this.

He said: “It might be a bit cliche for an artist to sit on that white sofa and say ‘Oh this is my most personal work’ but for me it’s to be because that I never had a whole body of work that was my personality with a melody attached to it.”

The ‘Beware’ hitmaker – who is currently believed to be single but has previously dated model Charlotte Lawrence and pop star Selena Gomez – can be seen posing against a white background with musical notes behind him and explained that the work “speaks for itself.”

He told Billboard News, “I mean, the album art also speaks for itself. All these little thoughts and notes that come out of my head. There’s a song called ‘Smells Like Me’ and there’s a song called ‘There’s a Time For Everything premiere’ and I want your brain to go a million places when you read those titles, but I also want people to know them like they already have heard because they have heard them before.

“This whole album is produced by me, I wrote it with a very, very small group of people.”

“Charlie” is set to be released on October 7.