Chhath Puja 2022 Bhojpuri Songs for Free Mp3 Download: From Sharda Sinha’s Classics to Khesari Lal Yadav’s Peppy Rendition of Folk Songs, List of Chhath Geet To Enjoy

Happy Chath Mahaparv 2022! The songs Come Chhath and Bhojpuri are starting to make a splash on YouTube. Chhath Puja Bhojpuri Songs Free Mp3 Download from Bhojpuri Superstar Khesari Lal Yadav in Nirhua are heard a lot. Even veteran Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam’s song Chhath has gone viral, which he sang with Pawan Singh and Khushboo Jain. Folk songs have a lot of importance during Chhath. While waiting to offer the arghya at sunset or at sunrise, the family members who accompany the fast continue to sing these songs at the ghats. There are some songs related to Chhath, which are very popular and these songs keep playing every year. Discover Chhath Puja Bhojpuri Songs Free Mp3 Download:

Pehle Pahil Hum Kaini, Chhati Maiya Vrat Tohar

This song by Sharda Sinha is one of the most popular Chhath songs. You will hear this song on almost every ghat. Not only that, you will always see this trending song on YouTube on the occasion of Chhath. Sharda Sinha sang beautifully to convey the importance of Chhath through this song with her melodious voice. Full Calendar of Chhath Puja Dates 2022: Nahay Khay Kab Hai? When is Kharna, Sandhya Arghya and Usha Arghya? From Shubh Muhurat to Puja Vidhi, know all about the Lord Sun festival.

Ug He Suraj Dev

Famous singer Anuradha Paudwal sang this song praising Chhath Maa. This song is one of the most played classics on Chhath Puja. Watch the video below:

Jaldi Ug Aaj Adit Gosain

This song was sung by famous Bhojpuri singer Pawan Singh and is known to increase the auspiciousness of Chhath. Watch the video below:

Penhi Na Balam Ji Piyariya

This Bhojpuri song is also very popular on Chhath. This song is sung by Kajal Raghwani while the music is by Deepak Thakur. Watch the video below:

Ghare Ghare Hota Mai Ke Bartiya

This number has only become very popular currently among Bhojpuri Chhath songs. This song sung by Amrapali Dubey can be heard a lot in homes and ghats during this auspicious time. Watch the video below:

Chhath Maiya Sun Li Pukar

This song is sung by Anjali Bhardwaj and written by Vinay Nikhil and is played across the ghats during Chhath puja. Watch the video below:

Kanch hi baas ke Bahangiya

This song is one of the most played classic songs in Anuradha Paudwal voice during Chhath. Women also sing this song. Watch the video below:

Be it house roof, balcony, ghat or company campus, preparations are in full swing for Chhath festival everywhere. From the decoration to the arrangement of the prasad or even during the preparation, the emphasis is on the folk songs.

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