Cordae thinks one of his albums is much better than the other

With social media allowing fans to tell artists exactly what we think of each of their projects (among other things), it’s easy to forget that it can work the other way as well, with artists telling us what they think of their albums. . Usually this has a much more desirable effect, driving engagement and providing insight into artists’ creative processes, like the time(s) Jay-Z ranked all of his albums.

Although he’s only released two albums, Cordae gave his honest opinion on them after comparing them on a recent road trip, including which one was better. While the two The lost Boy and From a bird’s eye view received mostly positive reviews, it’s hard to argue that his second release was received as warmly by fans or critics (for one thing, his debut was nominated for a Grammy for Best Rap Album). Ultimately, Cordae seems to agree with their assessments.

“Yo so I just did a little 4 hour road trip and listened to both my albums cover to cover,” he wrote on Twitter. “And damn I have to say it’s most definitely ‘The Lost Boy > FABEV lmaooo. My bad y’all. I will do better next time. I was summoned to prove.

It’s kind of funny when artists admit they could have been tougher on a project after the fact. After all, in the old days before we had social media, they could just ignore the negative responses and start working on their new music. Now, however, we know that even the biggest stars don’t always like their own work – although Cordae had a request for his fans: “Keep on airing reviews, haha.”

Cordae is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.