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Joe Denim, country music artist and comedian, will perform at Fort Frenzy this evening.

Joe Denim didn’t have to do much to get his house decorated for Christmas this year.

“The house is decorated,” said Denim, a country music artist and comedian from Nashville. “I just left them from last year. I changed a few extension cords because I crushed a few with the mower.

He also doesn’t wait for Jolly Old Saint Nick.

“Santa Claus is already on the roof” he said. “I pay him about $ 30 an hour. His name is Rick and he throws things at me in the fireplace. It’s cool. He’s been there since August.

Denim will have to leave Rick, I mean Santa, home alone today, though. Denim will be performing at Fort Dodge in Fort Frenzy tonight. Doors open at 7 p.m. The show starts at 8 p.m. Tickets cost $ 10 at the door.

Denim is known for its double sale of platinum and irreverent success “Pray for you” which he wrote with Jaron Lowenstein and the ultimate love song of the rednecks “Together we are A Ten.”

For the show, “A not so silent night” Denim will perform his new song, “Real Camo Christmas Tree”.

“It’s a true story about mom and dad having a communication breakdown,” Denim said. “She was tired of a plastic tree. She said this year we need a real Christmas tree.

The only problem was, Dad had heard something else.

“Dad heard Realtree, so he went to Bass Pro stores and bought everything he could find on Realtree: a shotgun, a bow and a vest. He basically decorated the whole family. He left the Christmas tree in the garage because he spent it all on the Realtree. It was a real tree. It was unlike anything anyone had ever seen. We couldn’t see it, it was camouflage.

Readers can call Darren on K97 to play the song for him on air.

One of Denim’s favorite Christmas gifts would make Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer rather uncomfortable.

“I have a Ruger 350 Legend bolt action deer rifle. “ he said.

This year, he wishes a good hunting dog. And he’s hoping to find one in Fort Dodge.

“I bought a duck dog from Craigslist, but he has a phobia of feathers, so I would like to tell someone in Fort Dodge about a real dog who will collect ducks. I fly Southwest (Airlines) so I can get home with a dog.

Before Denim takes the stage at Fort Frenzy, he’ll be having lunch at Stumpy’s Bar & Grill in Duncombe. The restaurant will unveil its Joe Denim pizza.

Denim is not sure about the trims yet.

“They didn’t tell me” Denim said. “If I had to guess, it would be extra meat and flavors. “

Denim didn’t seem too fond of vegetable fillings.

“I don’t eat rabbit food” he said.

Anyone wishing to see Denim try the pizza can drop by the restaurant around 1 p.m.

Denim can’t wait to play tonight.

“I can’t wait to play my Christmas song and tell new jokes I wrote after the pandemic” he said. “I have a lot of new material.”

Christmas time is a good time, he said.

“I like when everyone forgets their differences” Denim said. “Christmas is like a safe zone and I just think everyone lets their guard down and is kind to each other. Everyone takes a deep breath and relaxes for a day or two, this is what we need the most. We need more Christmas.

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