Diana Ezerex releases her new single “My Fight” [Video]

Award-winning German singer-songwriter Diane Ezerex shares the video for his song “My Fight”. The dark ballad deals with forgiveness in its totality and the dynamics of depression, despair and suicide. It seems like a lot as Diana reveals how all the trauma can manifest as a result of feeling inadequate in her life. In a dramatic and ominous progression on the piano, Diana delivers a heartfelt and sobering performance as she navigates the various emotions that come with trauma and the only way is to seek true forgiveness from within and from within. people close to you.

The clip directed by Caroline Glomp, tells the story of a woman who struggles to reconnect with her family after several years in prison. it’s quite cinematic and the storyboard is engaging as it takes viewers through the various stages of the woman taking action to right some wrongs and clean out the proverbial closet.

“My Fight” is from Diana’s debut album The gravity of my pastwhich deals with prison-related topics since she has been giving concerts in prisons since May 2017. All the songs on the album are the basis of the creative project Offsite mixing with many artists from all over Europe such as music videos, a book, cooperations with classical ensembles and more.

Stream “My Struggle” on Spotify, SoundCloud.

“My Fight” is taken from his album THE SEVERITY OF MY PASTpost it here.

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