Download the futuristic R&B song “Nerve” by Rush Davis and Kingdom

This week’s download is from Rush Davis and Kingdom’s new album “Transmission”. You have seven days to download the song “Nerve”.

Rush Davis + Kingdom

Extract from the press release:

US producer Kingdom and songwriter / producer Rush Davis are delighted to announce Transmission, their new collaborative album, which will be released November 12 on TOKiMONSTA’s Young Art Records. Built around Kingdom’s ethereal architecture blending British bass rhythms with ’90s and 2000s R&B, Transmission embodies the heartfelt messages of community, engagement and self-sovereignty across an emotional spectrum of relationship stories. Davis personal and collective. By combining technical wisdom and experimental freedom, the duo gives birth to a rare frequency embodying queer art and amplifying left-wing dance and R&B records that push the boundaries of sound. This is championed in today’s new single, “Element”. The sound of “Element” harkens back to classic Kenny Dope House anthems often sampled in ballroom culture, a Janet Jackson-inspired production mixed with the complex syncopated rhythms of Kingdom, and a bit of melancholy and melancholy. sex sprinkled in it. This bedroom club anthem invites an old man to roll back into the sheets to explore the curiosity of an endless sexual spark.

Davis and Kingdom have paved their respective paths working behind the scenes for over a decade. Kingdom is co-founder of the Fade to Mind label, an internationally touring DJ and producer for Kelela, Syd and SZA, to name a few. Davis has worked with a long list of pop, hip-hop, R&B and electronics heavyweights such as Duke Dumont, Dawn Richard and Scarface. Yet the spirit of this album is rooted in something purely popular: Mustache Mondays, a legendary queer night out in Los Angeles, co-founded by the late Nacho Nava. There, the worlds of Kingdom and Davis first collided in 2013. At that party, Kingdom played their first DJ sets in Los Angeles, and Davis found a home that called out queer artists, mostly people of color, center, developed, praised and celebrated them.

The transmission is dedicated to Mustache Mondays, while the energy of those nights infiltrates the records. The revelers found love and lost connections on the dance floor and bonded with the family of their choice. Creative expression has emerged from the trendy performances of the House of Xtravaganza, live performances by artists like Kelela and a plethora of cutting-edge DJ sets. This project tells the story of the true devotion that keeps a community like this through the ups, downs and mess of it all. No wonder Transmission found the
Perfect launch pad for the album at Young Art Records, a label from electronic dance mainstay TOKiMONSTA, which is building a home for new recordings light years away from the present moment.

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