Drop Nineteens announce first new album in nearly three decades

Drop Nineteens announce first new album in nearly three decades

the Drop Nineteens were a short-lived band, lasting only a few years in the 90s. Despite this, their debut album, Delaware, is considered a necessity in the shoegaze scene. Hot tracks from the album include “Delaware”, “Winona” and “Angel”. With the debut album turning 30 this year, the band has some exciting news to share. The Drop Nineteens are getting back together and will also release a new album.

The band’s guitarist and vocalist, Greg Ackel, was the one to break the news. On Twitter, he mentions how the group slowly reformed, saying “Craig Rich is kind of putting me on the phone late 2021 to talk (about music).” This leads Ackel to go to Steve Zimmerman, he asks him, “what he thinks a modern Drop Nineteens single might sound like.” From there they started creating what they thought was their new sound.

On the album, Ackel says,

“So I can tell you that with Pete Koeplin and Motohiro Yasue, we’re going to be spending this new year recording a new Drop Nineteens album. I can also tell you that it’s called Hard light.”

It was revealed that the majority of the band are back, including Ackel, Zimmerman, Motohiro Yasue, and Pete Koplin. However, it is uncertain whether former guitarist and vocalist Paula Kelly is involved.

Stay tuned for future programming information. The band also plans to remaster some old tracks, so be on the lookout for that.