Emerging Artists (May 2022) – Billboard

Each month, Billboard Latin editors will feature a small group of new or relatively unknown artists whose music we love. Think “diamonds in the rough” or “diamonds in the rough”. They’re up-and-comers who haven’t yet had an impact on mainstream audiences – but whose music we’re passionate about and think our readers should make a point of discovering.

Our fourth edition of “On the Latin Radar” features emerging artists we found scrolling on TikTok or through another artist. See our recommendations below:

Artist: Cachas de Oro

Country: Mexico

Why should they be on your radar: For the most part, Spotify plays in the background while I work. Thanks to this habit, I came across Cachas de Oro, a Mexican-American group based in Texas, led by Juan Ricardo Cermeño Hernandez on vocals and requinto, Joel Espinoza Lira on vocals and harmony, and Kristian Espinoza Lira on the electric bass. What caught my eye was their ability to convert pop bangers such as Rauw Alejandro’s “Todo De Ti”, Natti Natasha’s “La Mejor Version de Mi”, and Fuego’s “Una Vaina Loca” into their sierreño sound. distinct sad, where Juan and Joel alternate as lead singers very often. Cachas de Oro first appeared on the radar after appearing on Tengo Talento, Mucho Talento in 2019, and eventually signed to Dallas-based independent label Azteca Records. In addition to their eclectic covers, Cachas de Oro offers a handful of original music, including their latest singles “Si Tu Quieres” and “Arroz con Leche”. — JESSICA ROIZ

Song for your playlist: “Una Vaina Loca”

Artist: Sarah Silva

Country: Mexican American

Why should they be on your radar: In her twitter biography, Sarah Silva has a short biography of herself that reads, “Estevie 19 🙂 Making music that comes from my heart.” I’ll be honest and say that I don’t know much about Sarah Silva, but I came across her name on Eslabon Armado’s historic new album, Nostalgia, where she appears in the song “Las Historias Se Acaban.” The Mexican-American singer-songwriter’s ethereal, tender voice caught my attention. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s gone down a rabbit hole listening to the music she’s released so far which the internet says she’s been releasing since 2019 and ranges from cumbias to pop and bandaged. A hidden gem for sure. –– GRISELDA FLORES

Song for your playlist: ” Cinnamon “

Artist: Pehuenche (real name Rafael Mesa Zamudio; artistic name derives from a South American indigenous group)

Country: Mexico

Why should they be on your radar: pehuenche just released their first set, Vida Venturaon Nacional Records and was cast as LAMC Discovery artist This year. The Veracruz, Mexico-based singer-songwriter boasts multi-range vocals that he uses on hard-to-find pop, moving from dreamy production to acoustic flats backed by considerable guitar chops. His gaze confuses even more. There’s something Freddy Mercury-esque about the mustache, but the look and feel of his videos are totally unrelated. Either way, the sound is beautiful and intriguing. While on paper Pehuenche may be a singer-songwriter who creates his music on his guitar, sonically that sound could evolve in many directions. Pehuenche will make its New York debut next July at LAMC. —LEILA COBO

Song for your playlist: “Agua Bendita”

Artist: Leo Rizzi

Country: Spain

Why should they be on your radar: I came across his music on Instagram and couldn’t help but dig for more. So I went to Spotify and realized that I had saved one of his songs, “Amapola Remix” with Danny Ocean, to the “My Favorites” list, which came right after an unintentional message between the two on Instagram. With that 70s look and a smooth, exquisite voice, he conveys calm and peace in every lyric he sings. It’s impossible not to get carried away by his music and his unique style. — INGRID FAJARDO

Song for your playlist: “Amapolas”