Emerging pop artist Nika Nikoubin has released her latest single “Sweet Dreams”

Author: Jennifer Stone

New emerging pop artist Nika Nikoubin has released a fun, upbeat and offbeat pop single titled “Sweet Dreams” that will have you feeling like you’re ready to party.

The debutante in the pop musical genre, Nika Nikubin is turning listeners’ heads and creating an industry buzz with his new single Sweet dreams. The new song has well-versed lyrics with cool and funky beats that are just perfect for making you feel like you’re ready to party and have fun. It’s the caliber of the artist that keeps the audience hooked on a single song and continues to attract large audiences, which is rare for an artist with his new soundscapes. A UCLA student in philosophy, she manages her studies and at the same time fulfills her dream of becoming a world-famous pop star.

The artist is heavily inspired by iconic pop star Lady Gaga and the frontman of this generation’s alternative music star, Billie Eilish. These two stars are inspirations for Nika Nikubin which reflects on his single Sweet dreams. The song is captivating in every way as it has cool and funky beats that make the whole audience feel energetic. The digital and dynamite beats are also extremely catchy, giving listeners a new experience every time they listen to it. At the same time, the single shows Nika’s ability and mastery of lyricism which guarantees the new artist a bright future and a long way to go. Her vocals just add the finishing touch to the song which has an ethereal tone and has the perfect amount of quirkiness a pop song needs. So go ahead and listen to this uplifting song on all major music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, itunes, IheartRadio, pandoraand Youtube. For future updates follow the artist on her website.

Song link: https://music.apple.com/album/id/1623155727

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