Envi Royal – an artist from South Carolina – makes a big splash in R&B music

Rapper-turned-R&B artist Envi Royal is quickly making a splash across the music industry

Envi Royal is a musical prodigy. Born and raised in the small town of Aiken, South Carolina, an area that doesn’t offer many opportunities for musical artists, Envi had to go through some ups and downs to be where she is today. And, given his courage and determination, nothing can stop him.

Envi Royal’s music career began after graduating from college in 2011, shortly after his father passed away. Since then, Envi has made her way through the music world through thick and thin, starting her music career as a rapper.

However, his lyrical mastery and musical passion did not find full expression until the release of his first mixtape, The perfect ten in 2016. She has invested so much in her growth and building over the years that she is now loved and admired by her ever-growing fanbase across all social media platforms.

Envi is someone who understands that great music is born from great talent and an even higher level of hard work. And although many models, icons and musical artists around the world have strongly influenced Envi Royal, her biggest inspiration remains her mother (affectionately referred to as “Mama Royal”).

Envi’s admirable work ethic stems from watching her mother work hard all her life. Thus, she is constantly motivated to give her all in her work and perfect her craft. In his own words;

“I will never stop pushing or chasing my dreams. Even when I get to the top, I will work twice as hard to make sure I stay on top!

Envi Royal recently took to social media to announce her transition from rap to R&B and has since taken the world of R&B music by storm. She officially made a big splash in R&B music with the release of her EP titled Closure, a nice blend of R&B and Southern Soul. The release of this masterpiece and its growth on social media has caught the attention of some notable music industry A&Rs.

Envi’s charming performances, bewitching looks, outstanding voice and signature green hair have earned her the name “The R&B Barbie”. Not only does Envi strive to be a music icon, but she also wants to inspire up-and-coming artists and entrepreneurs.

Although independent, Envi hopes to one day secure a contract with a major record label so that she can pursue her full-time music career. You can read more about Envi Royal and get updates on it website. Connect with Envi Royal on all social media platforms; @environmental

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