Feel the colors – Moody Bank$

Working in the vast field of R&B, Moody’s Bank $ delivered an album that not only typifies what the genre means today, but also draws a line through its previous incarnations, from ’90s pop divas to rhythm and blues bands and early-1990s Do Woop bands. era of rock and roll.

feel the colors” combines innovative and sophisticated urban music, dance grooves and soulful vibes in a wonderfully accessible and pop-infused album.

Genres, labels and generic descriptions are a thing of the past, which can only be good. As Moody’s Bank $ demonstrates it eloquently on this album, the artists are free to mix their influences without them. They can draw inspiration wherever they find it and create music that deliberately ignores rules, jumps musical boundaries, deflects tribal allegiances and bends to listener expectations.

It’s safe to say that even though “feel the colors» makes some nods to the past, it’s an album that could only have been made in the modern era. Not only is it the sound of today, but also the sound of the future, which should always be cherished and celebrated.

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