Five Powerful VFX Studios Unite For Ambitious Coldplay + BTS Music Video “My Universe”

Ingenuity Studios coordinated the visual effects work of five VFX studios – including his own, as well as AMGI Studios, Buf, Rodeo VFX and Territory Studio – from creation to delivery of the very creative music video “My Universe” for Coldplay + BTS.

Directed by Dave Meyers and produced by Nathan Sherrer of Freenjoy, “My Universe” is a play about unity in an era of isolation. The groups are on separate planets and are looking for an illegal way to communicate and jam with the help of a renowned renegade in the stars (DJ Africa) who transmits a common frequency between the worlds.

My Universe (BUF)

Break it

Work on this project took about two months, with a level of complexity that even veterans of the Ingenuity Studios music video have rated as exceptional.

“We were the right partner for this project due in part to our close working relationship with music video producer Nathan Scherrer of Freenjoy and director Dave Meyers. We’ve worked together a number of times, including the most recent for Ed Sheeran’s “Bad Habits” video. For ‘My Universe’ we were able to do a tremendous amount of work in a relatively short period of time, working alongside multiple vendors, as well as contributing our own VFX work, ”said David Lebensfeld, VFX Supervisor and founding partner of Ingenuity Studios. .

“I should also add that the lead producer on my team, Jumanah Shaheen, deserves a lot of credit here for post-producing the entire project and handling not only the internal visual effects but also the coordination with the other four studios.” , Lebensfeld added.

My universe (Ingenuity Studios)

My universe (Ingenuity Studios)

“Among the talented artists and studios on this project, AMGI Animation was thrilled to be working on all of the VFX holograms and CG characters for the Supernova 7 group,” said Colin Brady, CCO of AMGI Studio. “It was truly an honor to work on a project of this magnitude with so many talented people leading the charge!

Mark Millar, Production Manager at AMGI Studio, added: “The most difficult part of our team’s job was dealing with the volumetric data. Lots of heavy data with constantly changing textures, an interesting challenge.

My world "Supernova 7" (AMGI Studio)

My “Supernova 7” Universe (AMGI Studio)

“We designed the full CG intro and end sequences as well as the interior shots of the spacecraft. We have shared our scope of work between our Parisian and Montreal teams ”, specifies Camille Gibrat, VFX producer at BUF.

“Our VFX team were involved from shoot to delivery,” said Julie-Anne Cassidy, VFX executive producer at RodeoFX. “In addition to creating the special effects, Erik Gagnon, VFX supervisor at RodeoFX, worked closely with director Dave Meyers on the Barcelona set. The dazzling music video features three different worlds and RodeoFX has created the entire environment for the planet “Floris”, the one on which Coldplay performs. In order to create this universe, our team of more than 30 artists, including experts in matte painting and compositing, joined forces to carry out this great project.

My world "Floris" (RodeoFX)

My “Floris” universe (RodeoFX)

Territory Studio Creative Director Marti Romances said: “Territory Studio was commissioned to design a compelling user interface and communication systems for ‘My Universe’, creating a refined user interface, holograms and graphics featured throughout the sci-fi themed promo. A multitasking briefing required designing and animating menus and HUD systems for the interior of the spacecraft, POVs of drones from different galactic planets, VFX transitions teleporting party members from one planet to another, as well as the title and text elements. We worked to plan, design and deliver motion graphics to help drive the music video’s forward-looking narrative and celebrate the love of music in a galaxy far, far away… ”

Romances added, “Because music videos are much shorter than movies and TV shows, the time to tell a story is reduced. All graphics should let the audience know the story immediately – within a second or two – so attention to detail with animations has become paramount to success. Careful planning was required… For example, we needed to create 20 animated elements for the spaceship cockpit only.

My world "Portal transitions" (Territory Studio)

My universe “Portal transitions” (Territory Studio)

Nearly 100 million views and counting

When two iconic groups unite, each with huge fan bases across the globe, it’s no surprise that engagement has skyrocketed for this video on YouTube, where it’s set to cross the line. bar of 100 million views.

“It’s always gratifying for the artists on our team to work on big projects like this; especially on a clip with such creativity and unique visuals. Of course, having the opportunity to work on a hit song that so many people can’t wait to hear is a real honor, ”said Philippe Lépine, VFX producer at BUF.

My Universe (BUF)

My Universe (BUF)

Erik Gagnon, VFX and Set Supervisor at Rodeo VFX, added: “In fact, being on set with the production team is definitely a highlight of any project with Dave Meyers. Idea after idea, his creativity is constantly evolving and his concepts continue to come to life. After two different Barcelona sets – an abandoned swimming pool and a deserted cement factory plus two days of filming, and a million challenges later, the mission was over. It was a pleasure to be able to contribute to the technical and artistic aspects of this project.

Territory’s Romances echoed this sentiment: “Working with Dave Meyers and helping Chris Martin with his creative vision have been real strengths of this project. We love science fiction and help our clients create fictional worlds, but there’s something really special about working for such an iconic band. We’re all big Coldplay fans here at Territory!

My Universe (AMGI Studio)

My Universe (AMGI Studio)

“As well as being a super catchy song, it’s an honor to be a part of something that rightfully does good by bringing so many cultures together,” said Brady of MIGA.

Lebensfeld of Ingenuity added, “The best part of working on this project was the epic level of creativity! Dave Meyers thinks big, which allows us to execute unique concepts and push the boundaries of what we’ve done before.

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