Freelance artist Jordy sings his wish to move to South Dakota in song

Freelance singer-songwriter Jordy just released a song called “South Dakota” about moving from California to the Midwest.

The state takes up the dreams of the popular singer, born in the suburbs of Chicago but now living in Los Angeles. Jordy has over a million listeners per month on the popular music app Spotify, which means many have heard him hum about his love for South Dakota.

“Apparently the quality of the air in Southern California makes it harder to breathe. But I think the stress goes straight to my head,” singer-songwriter Jordy sings in a single called The Rushmore State. “Sometimes I feel like life would be better in South Dakota,” he sings on guitar.

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The single has toured and played a few thousand times over the past few days as part of a promotion for their album “Mind Games” released on November 6 at midnight Eastern Time, and will be released on vinyl even later for them. fans who have pre-purchased. all copies of the file.

The ballad is about leaving a sea of ​​people checking their phones or constantly being on social media to trade in for a better pace of life “far away” in the Midwest. The jaw-dropping song clip features palm trees before showing it in unnamed woods yearning for a slower life in a state like Indiana or elsewhere.

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“In the middle of Minnesota. Watch the leaves fall in late October,” he continues before concluding again, “Life would be better in South Dakota. It doesn’t matter if he’s in the middle of nowhere” if he doesn’t. not also felt like he was wasting his time.

The video shows Jordy pacing back and forth, seemingly watching his dream life on a projector until he is there, then watching himself on a TV, before returning.

The singer isn’t shy about shouting the state on social media, however, with his @jordysongs Twitter account stating “@southdakota, I just wrote a song for you, let’s collaborate?”

Maybe we’ll get another resident soon.

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