French Montana releases the music video for his new track “I Don’t Really Care”

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The internet has had a big problem with French Montana the last few days, and French responded by announcing a new album and dropping a track.

Hate started pouring in on Tuesday after a rap fan tweeted a Squid game-related meme with the caption “for the next game you have to name FIVE French songs from Montana with no features.” French himself responded to the hate with a handful of “They Got Amnesia” tweets, listing everything he’s contributed to the game. “Now eat a dick, I’m dropping a solo track this week,” a- he wrote in a tweet after listing all his solo joints from previous recordings. French kept his promise today, announcing They have amnesia would be the title of his next album, and created a new track called “I Don’t Really Care” to speak directly to enemies.

The movie clip, directed by Edgar Esteves and French himself, pays homage to some of the most iconic music videos of recent years, including “This is America” by Childish Gambino and “Lose Yourself” by Eminem. French also dresses as The Weeknd in a red and black suit and bandaged face, and even drinks a gallon of bleach on a press podium while dressed the same as a certain politician. “I took a leave now that they are amnesic,” French raps to his detractors of the song. “Like, I don’t do it on an African visa / Tell my competition I’ll be there tomorrow / and if I keep quiet you’ll be gone tomorrow / some niggas yeah my style they borrow / but I really don’t care. The video for the track also features Diddy.

Although this is the most direct address that French has addressed to all its skeptics, it is not the first time that French has had to confront the Internet. Last year he claimed he could go “neck and neck” with Kendrick Lamar. “Most of the features of kendricks too!” Montana wrote in response to the trolls who again noted that his greatest hits had functionality. “I never compared myself, I just defended myself. we all know Kendrick, one of the goats, ”he added.

They have amnesia should fall on November 12e. Watch the clip for “I Don’t Really Care” at the top and stream the track below.

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