Granger Smith shares ‘traumatic’ photos from ‘coldest music video shoot ever’

Granger Smith is celebrating a year since filming one of his music videos – and he’s shared a gruesome throwback photo to remember it by. Smith released the video for “Hate You Like I Love You” last year, bringing to life the story of a man who “don’t want to care anymore” after losing the woman he loves:

“I’m just trying to hate you like I love you / Not wanting you like I need you / Forgetting about you like I miss you / All the time I was just trying to / Let go Like I’m holding on tight / Selling myself a bad lie / Whatever I gotta do / Girl, I’m just tryna hate you like I love you”

Smith took to Instagram on Friday (January 28) to share some throwback photos from the music video shoot, including one with his wife, Amber Smith, who plays in it. Photos show Smith with scars on his face after destroying his truck in a fire accident. Smith recalled the heartbreaking story he told in “Hate You Like I Love You”:

“A year ago I was driving my truck down a freezing highway and swerved to miss my dead wife sitting in the middle of the road. Or maybe it was a deer. Anyway , I overturned my truck, then it caught fire. But then I had to get back in the burning truck, and then guess who? Yeah, my dead wife came back just to play with my head. It’s crazy after only a year how well i am since that traumatic experience… And by traumatic, i mean the coldest music video shoot ever!

It may seem like a dark story, but Amber seems to be okay with working with her husband again: “I seem to haunt you a lot. Maybe I’ll do it again soon,” she commented with a winking emoji. Watch the Smiths star in the fiery clip here: