Hayley Williams teases Paramore’s return in 2022

It’s been five long years since Paramore’s last album or live show. Fortunately, Paramore fans may not have to wait too long for the group to return. Hayley Williams teased a Paramore comeback in 2022 in a newsletter on Friday (November 26). Check out a screenshot of the letter below.

While Paramore was away, Williams released two solo albums, Petals For Armor in 2020 and Flowers For Vases / Descansos in 2021. While Petals For Armor was rooted in pop sounds, Flowers For Vases / Descansos had a lot more of an indie-folk feel.

In the newsletter, Williams began by talking about her solo career and the support she received from her band members throughout the process.

“The guys were by my side most of the process. If you’re not actually working on the project with me, then cheer me on. I even got to write with a few friends outside of – but closely related to – Paramore, who taught me so much and gave me so much inspiration. The petals probably wouldn’t even exist without Joey Howard, his bass guitar and a drum machine !!

At the end of the post, Williams hinted at a return for Paramore, which hasn’t released any new music since 2017. After the laugh.

“Before you go, thank you all very much for the incredible support over the past two years. I know we haven’t been able to get together properly to sing, vent and sweat it all… but I think Petals and Descansos lived exactly the lives they were meant to. Plus, Paramore can’t be “on hiatus” forever, can it? ” she wrote.

“I love you all. See you next year?