How to download music with album art?

Doesn’t it look so boring on your screen when you’re listening to your favorite song and the field where you’re supposed to see the album art appears blank? It’s especially nasty if you’re an art fan like us and use it to put common sense behind a song. If you’re wondering how to download music with album art, we’ve got you covered!

In our quest to find the best music downloader, we have found that most music downloaders do not support downloading and syncing album art or if they do, they are not compatible with all common devices, such as Mac.

Fortunately, we came across a software called Softorino YouTube Converter PRO [SYC PRO], developed by Softorino, which runs on Mac and offers automatic recognition of album art and syncs it with relevant downloaded songs. Cool, right?

Let’s dig a little deeper and learn how SYC PRO works and what it has to offer.

How to download music with album art on Mac?

SYC PRO offers automatic detection of album art available online and syncs them with songs you download through the app. As a result, the synced artwork appears where it should in your music app.

What’s even more attractive is that it works on all devices, such as Mac, and even supports pairing and handoff to other devices, including all iOS devices, such as the iPad, iPhone and iPod.

Moreover, you can use SYC PRO to locate your favorite tracks directly through the software or use other streaming platforms, such as SoundCloud, YouTube, Vimeo and Mixcloud.

Here are the three simple steps you will need to follow to make it work:

1. Download SYC on your Mac

Go to the official Softorino website and from the Some products drop-down menu, select Softorino YouTube Converter PRO. Click on the Free download option and wait for the installer file to download to your computer. You can also download the universal license for SYC PRO if you are satisfied after the free trial period.

Once the download is complete, you can install SYC PRO software on your Mac.

2. Locate your favorite track or playlist

Whether you want to download a single track from a streaming platform or an entire playlist, you can do it with SYC PRO. Moreover, as we mentioned earlier, you can also search your favorite songs directly on the app itself and select the Add to list option.

The other option is to add the URL of a song or playlist in the app, after which the song will be added to the queue. Moreover, the relevant album artwork will be automatically detected by the tool and added to the download queue.

3. Customize options and convert

There are three different settings options, which you can change to get the converted file you want. In the options that appear as a flowchart, you will first set format you want to convert the music file to. You can select audio, video or ringtone from this menu.

The second option will be adjusted according to the format you choose. For example, if you have selected the video format, you will need to select resolution. Likewise, you will have to choose between the original format, MP3 and AAC for sound or choose the length for converted ringtone.

The third option involves destination selection for the converted file[s]. It is essential to note that you can save the converted files and sync their relevant artwork to the device you are using SYC PRO on or transfer them to other devices using USB or WiFi connectivity. For the latter option, you may also need to make sure your device is set to sync via WiFi on iTunes if you’re transferring to an iOS device.

In conclusion:

SYC PRO is an outstanding tool that allows you to download music and album artwork separately. Once you have touched the Transfer to on the app, the artwork will be automatically synchronized with the corresponding song. To make sure you get the right track, make sure the song title is as accurate as possible by editing it in the app.

Stay tuned for more updates on the latest tools, software and downloaders!