How to download YouTube songs and music for free without programs

Downloading songs from YouTube is very easy. On the Internet you have at your disposal countless pages that allow you to download songs and music from YouTube without programs. As there are many, we have selected the best alternatives for you. Take note!

As it hosts millions of videos, many users use YouTube to discover and listen to music. If you are one of them and want to save a copy of the songs from these videos to your computer, you have different pages available to you. specialized websites that allow you to download the audio files of these contents.

Thanks to this, you can enjoy your favorite music anywhere and not depend on whether you have internet connection or not, because the resulting file will be in your device storage.

Below we have compiled some of the best pages to download music from YouTube without programs, raw audio and no images.

Websites we have for this task:

If you think maps are boring, wait until you see these unique maps that will change your view of humans, dinosaurs, history, or literature. converter is one of the most popular web pages for download songs from youtube. Although it can also be used to download videos, the platform has an option that allows download music from in MP3 format, without having to perform a conversion afterwards.

Of course, this doesn’t require the installation of any programs and the whole process is done from the browser.

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You can use the service both from your computer and from your mobile, so if you wish you can save the file directly to your smartphone to play it locally.

Regardless of the device you are using, the procedure for downloading a song using this website is as follows:

Navigate to the page. Then, in the box with the title Multimedia direction, paste the URL of the YouTube video we want to download in MP3 format. Then click on the button Carry on. Once the verification is complete, in the section of Conversion format: click on the option MP3. Then ignore the rest of the settings and click the button Carry on. As soon as the video has finished converting, you just need to click on the button. To download to download the audio file of the video you entered in the first step. What we can do is choose the quality of the resulting audio.

Online Video Converter

Aesthetically this is not the page to download mp3 from youtube The most beautiful, nor the one with the least advertising, but on the other hand, it is one of the most complete, because in addition to being able to download songs from YouTube without programs, it allows you to do the same with Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion and many other services.

It is also one of the few pages to download audio from a YouTube video which allows you to select the quality of the resulting audio and convert a specific section of it by selecting the exact minute to start and end the conversion.

Here are the steps to convert song or audio from YouTube video to MP3 with this website:

First of all, we enter the website of Onlinevideoconverter. Click on Convert a video link We paste the link of the YouTube video that we want to download in the box at the top, where it is written Enter a URL, for example… Display the list located just below and select the audio format that you want. Usually MP3. If you want to choose the audio quality, or the song section of the YouTube video that you want to download, click More settings and configure options. The last step is to press To start up, in a few moments you will have the audio from a YouTube video to your hard drive.


The way to work with this website is extremely simple and very similar to what we have seen in previous cases.

We can turn any YouTube video to MP3, MP4, MP4 HD, AVU or AVI HD. We have a good number of options, although the one we are really interested in is convert to mp3.

We enter FLVTO. We just have to copy link YouTube video in the dedicated section of the web. It’s time to click Change to so that when the option comes out To download let’s click on it and save the file to our internal storage.

Record as MP3

Another good website where we can download the audio from any video YouTube is recorded as MP3. It is a safe website with an interface that can be improved quite a bit, but is very efficient.

The lack of an attractive interface makes up for it, being one of the faster websites concerning the transformation process from one format to another. We need to do the following to work with:

We open Save To MP3. Now click on Find a video. We are automatically displayed in the top of screen the area where we have to write the name of the YouTube video. Then we press the Enter of our keyboard. At that time we will see the advertisement, the video thumbnail and two download options below. Download MP4 Yes Download MP3, on which we must press. The MP3 file will be saved automatically where we preconfigured that downloads are saved.


While some of you may be familiar with Freemaker applications like Video Converter and Video Downloader, the truth is that the web is one of the best and fastest by downloading audio from a YouTube video.

The trick on this site is not to succumb to the number of times they offer you to install their app, because if you do that you can have any video sounding extremely fast.

We open the Freemake download site. Later we will see how we have a place where we can write url of the YouTube video, an action that we are going to carry out. Once we see that it has loaded it at the bottom, we choose the format in which we want to download it, being in our case MP3. Then click on Download now. This will lead us to a black canvas where we can listen to the audio of the video. There, we only have to select in the three vertical points that we see next to the timeline and click To download. At this point, the download will start in the corresponding default folder.

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YouTube Premium

By renting the paid version of YouTube, you have access to multiple advantages, such as YouTube Music Premium music service that lets you listen offline whatever you want and ad-free.

The price of the the subscription is 9.99 euros per month for the individual planBut you can always try the service for free for 30 days to see if you are convinced of an option that more and more users are using.

If you want to opt for the The family subscription will cost 14.99 euros per month, but up to 5 family members can participate. The free month remains in this option.

Finally, if we want to listen to YouTube music offline on any compatible device, we can subscribe the version for Students for 4.99 euros, of course, if you are still studying. The free month is also awarded.

These are some of the best websites we have right now for downloading the audio of our favorite YouTube videos, so we can only encourage you to give them a try and tell us through our social media which one you have the most love.