Image: Fabinho’s wife Rebeca Tavares has a new Liverpool shirt awaiting superstar music artist Alicia Keys ahead of the Madrid gig

American RnB star Alicia Keys is due to perform in Madrid and will have a special gift waiting for her. Fabinho and his wife Rebeca are ready to head to the gig, wearing a brand new Liverpool shirt with the superstar’s name on the back.

Liverpool linked up with some pretty famous fans last year. From fans who wowed Dua Lipa with their own rendition of her hit ‘One Kiss’ to Reds fan Calvin Harris DJ’ during the club bus parade in May.

Another collaboration may well be in the works as Rebeca and Fabinho Tavares aim to contact American singer Alicia Keys. The couple are heading to Madrid to see the star live in the Spanish capital.

Rebeca, who is a hugely popular figure with fans, posted updates throughout the day regarding the trip to watch Alicia Keys perform.

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As well as posting a photo of her and her husband three days ago, Rebeca posted a photo of a Liverpool shirt, with A.KEYS on the back, hoping they can donate it to the singer during the concert.

Could this be the start of another great relationship between Liverpool and a musical superstar?

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