Indulge in the mesmerizing voice of musical artist Jacob Chacko with his debut song “Good Moment”

Extremely talented musical artist Jacob Chako is ready to release his new album soon. The first single released from the album, ‘Good time‘ breaks records.

Rock is a musical genre born in the late 1940s and early 1950s. Since then, many artists have embraced this particular genre and given their best. Likewise, a new modern and upcoming rock artist Jacob Chako just released their first single, Good time. The song has become very popular on Spotify and YouTube. The song is a pure mix of blues, rock, country and pop. The music video for the song is on another level with over 69,000 plays. Beautiful presentation and soothing voice of the artist made the track very popular with all his fans all over the world. The artist seems ready to write his own chapter in the upcoming music industry. The song is the first from the artist’s first-ever music album, “Better Now or Never.”

Hailing from New Milford, New Jersey, the rock artist has composed a musical jukebox of melodies and harmonies. His other track, “Tribute” is also a masterpiece full of crisp drum beats and mesmerizing vocals from the artist. Fans all over the world can’t wait for the release of the artist’s album as the suspense of the release date is driving them crazy. Looking at the numbers behind the tracks on Spotify, we can say that Jacob Chako managed to divert the attention of many fans and followers to his music. Don’t forget to listen to the song ‘Good time’ broadcast via Spotify. Follow the artist on Twitter, SoundCloud, Facebook, instagramand Youtube for more.

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