Is Apple Music coming to PS5? Reddit leak suggests yes

(Pocket-lint) – Those of you who are Apple Music subscribers and prefer to listen to music from the big screen in your living room may be happy to know that Sony may be working with Apple to bring the music service there. popular PlayStation 5 consoles.

A Reddit user recently shared in the Apple Music subreddit that they spotted the option to download the Apple Music app to their PS5. “Since when is this a thing ????” they asked in a message. “I created a new account on my PS5 and was going to connect my Spotify, but I see this.”

The user also shared a screenshot that appears to confirm that the app was available for them to download. However, when the user actually selected the download option, they received a notice that the app was only “playable” on the PlayStation 4 console. Pocket-lint was unable to test if the notice is available in the UK, but Eurogamer claimed he could replicate it by setting their PS5 region to the US.

Maybe Sony is currently testing an Apple Music app and it will be coming soon?

Keep in mind that Apple has a Mac event scheduled for October 18, 2021, so it might be planning an early announcement with Sony for the show. To watch the action unfold for yourself on the day of the event, log in The pocket soft toy guide here.

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