Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show has its first. A dance performance by guest robots

The Tonight Show, a popular late-night talk show, has hosted many talented performers from around the world. However, on Tuesday it hosted a dance performed by a group of robots for the first time.

Created by Boston Robotics, the three robots, each named SPOT, danced to K-pop group BTS’ song “IONIQ: I’m On It.” Before the dance performance, show host Jimmy Fallon spoke with Boston Robotics CEO Robert Playter.

Fallon asked Playter what SPOT, known as the robot dog, could do besides dance, pour beer and climb steep stairs. “So SPOT goes to dangerous places where people don’t want to go, nuclear plants, electric utilities, and does inspections to make sure the equipment is working properly. So we made SPOT a platform,” Playter replied.

This isn’t the first time SPOT has danced to a popular song. In December 2020, Boston Robots released a three-minute video of the humanoid robot Atlas and SPOT perfectly on pace with Do You Love Me by The Contours. The video instantly went viral and surpassed 15 million views within days.

In June 2021, seven SPOT robots danced with the seven members of BTS on “IONIQ: I’m here”. The adorable video was posted by car brand Hyundai as it welcomed the robots after acquiring the AI-powered robots. (link to previous article here).