Josh Grider looks back on his musical career in his latest album

LAS CRUCES – Las Cruces-raised country singer Josh Grider digitally released his latest album on November 12 titled “Long Way From Las Cruces,” the title song serving as a “musical biography” for the past 20 years.

“New Mexico raised me, Texas made me, Tennessee and I never could figure it out / I’m far from Las Cruces and I’ve been too far to turn around now,” sings Grider in the chorus of the title song.

Grider, a Las Cruces High alumnus, left his hometown for Texas at the age of 18, pursuing a career in music. He has found his place in the Texas County live music scene and has released several albums since 2005.

The recurring theme of his latest album is gratitude and the discovery of unexpected blessings – a product of the COVID-19 pandemic and having time to reflect, Grider said. It also celebrated a milestone anniversary in 2020.

“Forty years is a big event no matter what and those birthdays with zeros that you kind of start to look back on,” the musician said.

The album features eight tracks, all written or co-written by Grider. It was also produced by the singer. He said it was the first time he had “taken on the production role fully,” even though the project was a team effort.

He and the musicians he’s played with on the road for years recorded the album in January 2021 in Texas – the first album in a decade he didn’t record in Nashville.

“There was still a lot of uncertainty about my career and how all of these pandemic things were going to play out, so I just wanted to do something close to home with guys that I really love and who I love. ‘trusted,’ said Grider.

In addition to recording and touring with his music, Grider enjoys working with young artists and producing their records. He met Gunnar Latham, a promising 25-year-old musician, just before the pandemic began. The two started writing songs together, and Grider took on the role of mentor, which he says is a lot easier than trying to follow his own advice.

“I am grateful that music is still the main source of my income. It’s my life and my wife’s life, she’s a music teacher, “he said.” If there hadn’t been music, I don’t know what we would do. “

Grider grew up in Las Cruces listening to KGRT 103.9 and attending concerts hosted by the Pan American Center at New Mexico State University, including George Strait, Alan Jackson, and Garth Brooks. At 18, he left for Baylor University in Waco, Texas.

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Today the home is New Braunfels, Texas, a town between San Antonio and Austin.

“I’ve never sold a stadium or anything, but I’ve managed to cultivate a fan base and have been able to break records consistently,” said Grider.

He performs live almost every weekend, he said. Plus, he likes to come home to drop his kids off at school on Monday mornings. Grider described the tours as a “weekend warrior lifestyle”.

Country music artist Josh Grider at the Homeward Bound Country concert on the Plaza on Saturday June 2, 2018.

In July, Grider returned to Las Cruces to perform at the inaugural concert at Lyles Farms Outdoor Venue. He said he plans to perform at Liberty in Roswell on December 12 with country singer John Anderson of “Straight Tequila Night” fame.

His parents and grandmother still live in Las Cruces, so Grider will be returning to his hometown for Thanksgiving this year – he looks forward to the enchiladas.

Grider’s disc is available on Apple Music and Spotify. A vinyl record will be available during the new year.

Check out his music and performance dates on his website,

Leah Romero is the trending reporter for Las Cruces Sun-News and can be reached at 575-418-3442, [email protected] or @rromero_leah on Twitter.