Kelly Lee Owens releases her 3rd experimental album “LP.8”

Kelly Lee Owens has been on our radar as one of the most innovative producers right now. Her latest album sees her pushing the boundaries of electronic music more than ever. Despite the title of the album, LP.8 is Owen’s third album, and it provides a stark contrast to the rest of his work to date.

LP.8 is definitely a departure from the club tunes of his previous albums. It’s an experimental album that functions as a study in balancing harsh industrial concepts with a zen vibe. It’s everywhere in the best possible way. The album’s sound runs the gamut from harsh industrial tracks like “Release” which almost leaves us feeling a bit off-balance, to ethereal and melodic, as seen on “Anadlu”, which wouldn’t be out of place in a meditation retreat. . At the same time, we see Owens becoming more instrumental than ever before, especially on the “Piano Nana” piano.

While LP.8 may sound disjointed if you skip tracks quickly, Owens’ clear vision for the album emerges when listening top to bottom. That’s the one we’re going to think about for a moment. You can check it using the link below, enjoy!

Kelly Lee Owens – LP.8