Kid Cudi Unveils All-New Track “Freshie”, Teases Two New Albums At Rolling Loud

Brett padelford

American rapper Kid Cudi is from Cleveland, Ohio. He started making music in 2008 with his first mixtape titled, A child named Cudi, and he’s been active ever since. Some of its other popular versions include Man on the Moon: End of the Day (2009), Passion, Pain and Demon Slayer (2016) and Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon (2014). Some of Kid Cudi’s musical influences include Snoop Dogg, Ne-Yo, and OutKast.

Kid Cudi’s new track “Freshie” is a fun rap song that you can rock out too. The rhythm is full of bass, which makes it easy to get lost in the music. At the heart of the song is Cudi and his life. There is also an emphasis on a love interest throughout. So, it’s fair to say that the song is about how Cudi deals with his romantic feelings.

Cudi made his debut with the track when he performed at Rolling Loud in California. Here in the video, you can see Cudi switch to “Freshie” and rock the audience. The artist has also teased two new albums. One of the albums being Enterogalactic, which he has already spoken of, also accompanied by a Netflix series. However, he also mentioned that he wanted to release another album before that.

Here is what Cudi had to say,

“I have Entergalactic coming up this summer, and I want to release another album before that, ”Cudi said on stage. “And I’ve had some delicious surprises and I’m really turned on by all this new shit, all this new music, to give you guys.”

Stay tuned for more on Kid Cudi and his upcoming albums.

Photo credit: Brett Padelford