LA Chargers Troll Other NFL Teams With Anime-Style Video

The LA Chargers taunt their opponents with an animated schedule video filled with references to One Piece, Attack on Titan and more.

The Los Angeles Chargers have released a new anime-inspired video to troll their NFL rivals.

As reported by Anime News Network, the Los Angeles-based team apparently decided to try something different and created an animated video, done in the style of an anime opening credits sequence, for detail their upcoming schedule. The 17 teams the Chargers will face have all been redesigned in the style of a different popular animated series, which includes the Las Vegas Raiders depicted as a team of A piecestyle pirates, and the San Francisco 49ers reimagined as a team of naruto– like ninjas. Along with the constant anime references, the video is filled with playful jabs at some of the scandals and bad luck their opponents have faced in recent years, including references to the former Jacksonville Jaguars head coach. , Urban Meyer, who was fired. amid several controversies and the Indianapolis Colts’ short-lived quarterback streak.

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The video also contains references to popular memes within the anime fandom, such as his hit on Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray, who notoriously deleted his team-related social media posts. earlier this year as he tried to negotiate a better contract during the off-season. The quarterback was drawn in the style of an infamous reaction image that shows Tanjiro Kamado, the hero of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaibalooking at smartphone and grimacing.

Although the decision to release their calendar as an animated video seems bizarre, the video has already become a viral hit, with over 185,000 likes and over 50,000 retweets on Twitter. Sports fans, even those who admitted distaste for the Chargers, applauded the video for its creativity, while anime otaku praised the steady stream of references not only to popular shonen anime, but also to popular shonen anime. lesser known series such as the critically acclaimed dormant hit of 2021. ODDTAXI.

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The video is just one of many recent examples that show just how embedded Japanese anime and manga have become in American pop culture. NBA forward Zion Williamson recently launched a new line of Nike Jordans inspired by his favorite animated series, narutoand during last year’s Olympic Games in Tokyo, several athletes around the world made reference to Eiichiro Oda A piece as they competed. Outside of sports, pop star Dua Lipa referenced Sailor Moon in one of his music videos, and DJ Steve Aoki recently announced that he would be doing a A piecee-inspired performances at this year’s Anime Expo.

Source: Anime News Network

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