Listen: Artery, the new single from LA Alt-Pop artist CLAY

Los Angeles-based musician CLAY has released the first preview of her upcoming EP “Breathing Into Bloom.” . . The dreamy and posed single ‘Artery’.

It all starts with the simplicity of an acoustic guitar, but ‘Artery’ opens up quickly, as a bass line and CLAY’s soulful vocals join the proceedings. Then the choir arrives to take it to the next level.

Lyrically, CLAY sings of the pain that comes with worshiping someone who doesn’t return affection: “Open up this artery / and cut it so I can breathe / otherwise there’ll be nothing left of me.”

“When something seems impossible to address, whether it’s traumatic, shameful, embarrassing, lighthearted or dark and moody (in my case, usually the latter), I turn to music,” CLAY describes. “When a wound is fresh, or even when it’s old but tender to the touch, I turn to music. To the melody, to the lyrics.

“This song was probably one of the hardest songs I’ve ever had to write (I say had to because I don’t choose what comes) because it contains such powerful and deeply painful truths. I won’t divulge the details a) for my own privacy and protection but also b) because I think it’s important with songs like this, to let listeners define what it means to them.

“That’s one of the main reasons why I love making art so much. Leaving space for interpretation, space for others to fill in with their own stories, heartaches, experiences, etc. Once a song leaves my body, it doesn’t belong to me anymore, it never really belonged to me. I am just a vessel.

CLAY’s upcoming EP “Breathing Into Bloom” promises to deepen his intriguing sounds, following on from his 2019 EP “hues”.

“What I present to the world is light. A light that I don’t always see reflected when I look in the mirror, but that everyone seems to notice. I think this song is a good example of that juxtaposition. Heartbreaking lyrics living in a beautiful, airy, sunny and bright sonic world. Internal world versus external projection. I love it when I’m able to capture that, because it actually makes the pain of the lyrics and the song her – even more bearable.

‘Artery’ is now available. The EP “Breathing Into Bloom” will be released soon.