Long Promised Road Trailer takes a journey through the history of the music legend

Screen Media Films and the man himself share the trailer for Brian Wilson: long road promised, the next documentary from the music legend. Brian Wilson took to Instagram to share with his fans, captioning it with, “Very happy to share the trailer for Brian Wilson: long road promised. To be seen in theaters and on demand on November 19. “

Of course, devoted Brian wilson fans who were captivated by his music and his story of loss and triumph, couldn’t help but be moved when they saw their reclusive legend speak softly about his life. A fan exclaims, “Wowww, just this clip, captivated me. You just can’t get enough of Brian once he walks into your heart. A day without him is like a day without the sun, really. Count the days until the Liberation ………. ???? “

Another joined in, “literally so excited I started screaming and almost cried, can’t wait to see this ????[heart emoji]… “One of them offered pastries.” If I could bake cookies for anyone, it would be Brian Wilson! You are a treasure Brian !!! Thank you for sharing your gift with us all these years. “

They also announced the release of a new album, stating: “October marks 55 years since the release of” Good Vibrations “and has become Beach boys first # 1 in the UK and third # 1 in the US. Here’s Brian picking up his 1966 classic, from his upcoming album, At My Piano, due on November 19. Listen to the latest track, “Good Vibrations”, on all streaming platforms now – link in bio.

You see music legends, including Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, Taylor Hawkins and many more, lining up to share what the life and music of Brian Wilson meant to them. As the interviewer guides them both around Wilson’s old haunts, his hometown of Hawthorne, Paradise Cove, where the photoshoot for the Beach Boys debut album took place, the musician, in his gentle way, swayes. between remembering and going around the place and the history behind it.

Full disclosure, I have been forever changed by music since my ears were blessed with a tape recorded for me of ‘Smiley Smile’ and ‘Pet Sounds’ when I was in 7th grade. I knew and loved the bubble surf sound of the Beach Boys like everyone else, but these albums changed everything for me. The music to come would be measured by these albums for years, if not years. For people who knew classics like “Little Deuce Cup” or “Be True to Your School”, it was almost impossible for them to understand why the word genius was used over and over again when I was describing Brian Wilson.

If they were okay, I would sit them down, put the headphones on their ears, and put the needle on the record. I didn’t need to listen, I enjoyed the looks on their faces and the sway of their bodies as they melted into the sounds. Now one of my favorite and easiest ways to share, especially if we’re not by the stereo, is to listen to the a cappella versions on YouTube. In addition to arranging all the multiple instruments, Wilson’s vocal harmonies and arrangements are on a level all their own.

Make yourself a solid and check Brian Wilson: long road promised in theaters and on demand on November 19. Then go see Paul Dano and John Cusack kill him in Love & Mercy.

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