Madonna’s net worth in 2021

Madonna’s net worth in 2021 is $ 850 million. Madonna is an American singer and actress. She currently holds the record for the best-selling musical artist of all time. For this reason, she is the most successful female recording artist in history. Besides her musical successes, she is also known for her iconic roles in various films. In this article, let’s take a look at Madonna’s net worth in 2021.

Madonna net worth in 2021 (estimate): $ 850 million

Madonna's net worth in 2021

Madonna’s net worth in 2021 is $ 850 million. This is according to many reputable outlets including Celebrity Net Worth.

Madonna was born in Bay City, Michigan. She learned to dance from the age of 12 in a summer camp with her friend. After arousing her interest in dancing, Madonna was awarded a dance scholarship at the University of Michigan. She also attended the American Dance Festival for one summer. However, to continue her dancing career, she decided to drop out of college and move to New York City.

In New York, Madonna started working in the entertainment industry. She performed for the Pearl Lang Dance Theater. Apart from that, she was also the backing up established artists like John “Jellybean” Benitez, Nick Karen, Patrick Hernandez and Jose Gutierez & Luis Camacho.

After familiarizing herself with the entertainment industry, Madonna would join bands such as the Breakfast Club and Emmy and the Emmys. In addition to her musical endeavors, Madonna also made her acting debut in the movie A Certain Sacrifice.

It won’t be long before Madonna is discovered by Sire Records. After inking a three-way contract, worth $ 45,000 with additional bonuses. Madonna would make the most of this opportunity. She released the hit songs Everybody in 1982 and Burning Up in 1983. Both were club hits that made the Hot Dance Club Song Chart by Billboard Magazine. Her singles being successful, she ended up releasing a first album in 1983.

Madonna’s self-titled debut album was relatively successful. One of the songs, Holiday, made it to the top ten internationally. The album also reached the Top 10 on the Billboard 200. Lucky Star and Borderline, two songs from his album, also reached the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100.

After producing these hits, Madonna’s breakthrough came when she released another hit album, Like a Virgin in November 1984. The album increased its popularity, as it was the first album by one. female artist to sell at least five million copies in the United States. It was also her first number one album. According to RIAA, Madonna’s hit album has sold approximately 21 million copies worldwide.

Madonna’s rise to stardom continued as she pursued a successful musical career. She will release 12 other albums including True Blue (1986), Like A Prayer (1989), Erotica (1992), Bedtime Stories (1994), Ray of Light (1998), Music (2000), American Life (2003), Confessions on a Dance Floor (2005), Rebel heart (2005), Hard Candy (2008), MDNA (2012) and Madame X (2019). Madonna would break the world record for the best-selling female artist with more than 300 million records sold worldwide. She is also on a 36-year-old undefeated course on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

In addition to Madonna’s albums, Madonna’s music has also reigned supreme in terms of music videos, movie soundtracks, and concert tours. In terms of the Music Video Awards, she took home one award for best video, best video of the year, best female pop / rock artist, best dance clip of the year and three awards for best pop music video from. the year.

His concert tours were also very successful. One of them was his very first concert tour, The Virgin Tour. Although the concert was only held in North America, the tour won at least $ 5 million. Apart from that, Madonna’s Who’s That Girl world tour was also a huge success. Even though concert tickets were relatively expensive at 50-150 euros, the tour still won $ 25 million.

In addition, she would break concert tour records of a female artist. In 2001, The Drowned World Tour grossed $ 75 million. Subsequently, in 2004, the Reinvention World Tour Madonna received the award Backstage Pass price because this tour brought in $ 125 million. However, none would be more groundbreaking than his Confessions Tour in 2006. The tour won a world record at that time, $ 193.7 million. It was the highest at that time by a female artist until 2008. During those years, Madonna reportedly earned around $ 400 million in tour ticket sales. His other successful concert tours include the MDNA Tour in 2012 and the Rebel Heart Tour in 2016, which raised $ 305 million and $ 169.8 million, respectively.

In addition to a successful career in music, Madonna also flourished in the film industry as an actress. She has appeared in 22 films as an actress including Vision Quest (1985), Desperately Seeking Susan (1985), Dick Tracy (1990), A League of their Own (1992), Swept Away (2002), Die Another Day ( 2002), and many more. Madonna would get a nomination for Best Actress at the Saturn Award for her role in Dick Tracy, in which she also earned $ 35,000 from the film. However, none would surpass her performance in Evita (1996). Following her iconic role as Eva Peron, Madonna won the Best Actress award at the Golden Globes. Madonna won $ 1 million from Evita and also asked to keep her wardrobe from the movie.

Besides being a musical artist and actress, Madonna was also a businesswoman. After being one of the founders of Maverick in 1992, a joint venture with Time Warner paid him a huge $ 60 million in addition to 20% of the royalties from the music publishing division. In 2004, Warner bought Madonna’s stock in Maverick, which is now known as Warner Music.

Madonna is also engaged in various brand partnerships. She has worked with H&M, Pepsi and Dolce & Gabbana. Madonna also founded companies such as MG Icon LLC, which is a joint venture with Iconix Brand Group and MDNA Skin.

Madonna also has a solid collection of art, produced by well-known artists. His collection is said to be at least $ 100 million and could be worth more when sold on the market. In addition, Madonna also has a strong real estate portfolio. Just recently Madonna paid $ 19.3 million for a mansion that previously belonged to The Weeknd in Hidden Hills, California. Still, were you stunned by Madonna’s net worth in 2021?

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