Mark Your Calendar for 2022 Nashville Artists’ Releases | Characteristics

Weeks after the start of the new year, the Omicron variant still adds an element of unpredictability to the big touring plans that many musicians have come up with for 2022. But players of Music City’s variety of stages still have a plethora of choices. intriguing outings on the program. . To help you fill this new agenda, we’ve gathered information on upcoming records from local artists and independent labels, some of whom work with artists from across the United States and internationally.

Coming immediately on January 13 is Natural, the last solo LP of Joe kenkel, aka a third of the awesome rock band and songwriter group Styrofoam Winos (read more about that here). On January 14th, it will be followed by Listen to the blood, the last born of the masterful cosmic country crooner The Kernal. Hot on their heels is Dominique billett, known to many as an exceptional drummer. On January 21 it will be released Inferior, his second self-produced and schooled pop album in the 70s. And on January 28, the booming country phenomenon Morgan wade Releases the Deluxe Expanded Edition of their much-loved 2021 album Reckless.

Album cover: Le Kernal, Listen to the blood

Fans of Jack White have two full records to look forward to this year. April 8 marks the start of the rock ‘n’ roots ace and head of Third Man Records’ international tour (which stops at the Ascend Amphitheater on April 30 and May 1), as well as the release of Fear of dawn, the first of these two albums. The record opens with a surly rock interpretation of a song called “Taking Me Back”. On July 19, White will release the next LP Enter living paradise, which ends with an acoustic swing tuning of the same lyrics titled “Taking Me Back (Gently)”.

Jack White Entering Heaven Alive album cover

Album cover: Jack White, Enter living paradise

In the hip-hop world of Nashville, there’s always a lot of activity around singles, although that hasn’t stopped the ever-prolific Small the follow-up to his weekly series of singles # 53Fridays with the entirety From here on new year’s day. Yet word of some additional albums has come, including the Spirits of the Capitol label planning for They need Weez‘s Definitely different and a collaboration of Virgin and Composer KingPin Da ‘ to Summer in September IV. These two release dates remain to be determined. Top notch rapper Negro Justice, yet, announced than his first album Selected family will fall on his birthday, March 14.

On her latest outings, Molly Tuttle has stretched far beyond the bluegrass roots she’s become known for, but she’s leaning back in it. His new set Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway advertised itself as a “mostly straightforward weed affair in the fall with the rip-roarin single” “She’s going to change,” and they should release an album this year, date and title to be determined. Rock string group Old Crow Medicine Show, meanwhile, has an LP called Paint this town due April 22.

cover of the album Sophie and the broken things Illusions of grandeur

You could say that this multifaceted country rock outfit Sophie and the broken things have been working on their first album for a long time Megalomania, which releases February 11. Although the recording is fairly recent, singer-songwriter Sophie Gault has had a version of the single “Trouble” in her repertoire for about eight years. February 11 marks the release of another album that has gone through a long period of gestation. Drummer-singer Matt North wrote and recorded his groove and his flight Bullies in the yard during a seven-year dispute with Metro Nashville Public Schools over providing services for her son’s special needs.

Matt North Bullies album cover in the backyard

Further into the folk and country-leaning zone of the pop realm, the superlative singer-songwriter Erin rae worked with Father John producer Misty Jonathan Wilson – aptly enough, in his Topanga Canyon studio – on his new album Lighten, which releases February 4. Westwood Avenue, the country group led by Ryan Jennings and Carter Brallier, have completed an eponymous album with a release date to be confirmed; her first single “Bachelorette Screams” is a duet between Brallier and Rae.

February 4th is also the release day for Laurier Hell, the last LP of the excellent singer-songwriter Mitski, who moved here a few years ago. Songs released so far from the record dance a bit with post-punk and electronic pop. Going further towards the pop end of the spectrum, we received information that we can expect from feature films of. kid politics, Zoe Sky Jordan, Convenor and Phang, as well as EPs by Alley, Olivia grasso, Alexis donn and BBY CAKE.

Mitski Laurel Hell album cover art

Returning to the rock, Mountains like wax is a shoe-splashed project by Mitchell Taylor and Samuel Katz who has been active in the city for several years, and they are set to release their debut album Before there was a lot on a date to be determined. More rock-centric Nice weather, label manager Ryan Sweeney notes that a third pressing by ferocious punks Schizos‘LP of the same name is on its way, expected in the spring. I hope it will arrive a little earlier a 7 inch from Memphis Zero model, which features members of garage hero Jack Oblivian’s The Sheiks group. Sweeney also notes that a second edition of the excellent Nice weather compilation Is under construction. When that lands, expect contributions from all over the world, but including locals like The Shitdels, Glamper, and Ttotals (and another soft cover from illustrator Katie Turner).

Megan Loveless and Jacob Corenflos at Take-out files have versions of Nashvillians in the works, as well as a revamped website (not yet live at press time) that will have information on their versions as well as their Nashville Show Take Out Menu local concert listings. However, the only confirmed release to date is Louisville’s debut EP, Ky., Psych rockers. Routine caffeine. The title and date are to be determined, but it will include the singles “Closet” and “Pennies in the Garden”.

Several To-Go artists and associates performed in the now dormant Foxwood country DIY space, which hosted performances hosted by singer-songwriter Jess Awh and friends. Bats, Awh’s project inspired by country, chamber pop and more, is about to release its second feature film The Blue Cabinet February 18. There is no release date yet, however, for Reinvention n ° 1, on which Couplerby Ryan Norris reinvents and reworks the music his YK records his teammate Paul Horton, alias No stress, produced for his EP 2021 Prelude n ° 1.

In the same vein, Mike Mannix of exceptional indie Centripetal force said Nashville Ambient Set, including the big one Azure it was released in 2021, has new music on the way. But there are few details Mannix can divulge at this time about this or any other record of Nashville artists he’s worked with. However, Centripetal Force has an array of ongoing projects that cross national borders. These include a physical release (a split with UK label Cardinal Fuzz) slated for January. Telepathic radio, an extended psychedelic recording of Joe Freedman’s project Mirage; cassette and digital releases in March of the work of the American free-form psych collective Formidable wolves and fingerstyle guitarist based in Washington, DC Jon Camp; and a vinyl release (also hopefully in March, also separate with Cardinal Fuzz) from the British rock band Velvets inspired Slow dawn. In April, Mannix aims to release the first American record for Swedish psychedelic rockers. Kungens Män, which he hopes will finally bring the band (who tour a lot in Europe) to the United States

One thing you can count on with some degree of certainty is that there will be many, many more interesting Nashvillians releases to dig into this year. Keep an eye out for the print edition of Scene every week and on for more details as they appear.