Meet JC, the first fully AI-generated gospel artist of the gruesome future we now live in

We live in confused times and the spread of the once ubiquitous monoculture means our entertainment media are divided into hundreds, if not thousands, of small subcultures. Gone are the days of a dominant musical act like the Beatles or Michael Jackson dominating the story. Now, it’s entirely possible that an extremely successful act like, say, Machine Gun Kelly or Saweetie could become absurdly popular within a subculture when the general public has no idea who they are. All that to say, don’t feel bad if you haven’t heard of the latest JC Gospel music sensation yet. On the one hand, our fractal mess of subcultures means that no one can hear about every exciting new musical artist. On the other hand, JC is not real.

Not real in the way we think it is anyway. JC is a Generation IA Gospel Artist, built entirely from 1s and 0s by Marquis Boone Enterprises in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s a photo of “him”.

The press release states that JC was designed to be a “Metaverse first player on Meta” and if your brain is already feeling a little wobbly you might want to back off now, as we already have a preview clip from the first single from. JC. It is, to our knowledge, the first piece of Gospel written by an algorithm, recorded by an algorithm and preformed by, it is true, an algorithm. It’s called “biblical love” and the press release says it is “unquantifiable love beyond description or measure – love of biblical proportions that transcends anything and everything. the world ! “

We hope you enjoy it.

Church music has a long and fascinating history spanning eons and empires. It would be fascinating to perform this digital creation of JC with your back to Isaac Watts, Charles Wesley or Fanny Crosby and get some notes on the line “don’t run into yourself when the demons in your head get loud” but , alas, time travel technology does not exist. All we have is this technology.

It is not new technology. Music labels in places like China have been experimenting with AI-pop stars for years, with huge success. In the pop world, novelty is easy to understand. We already treat pop stars like cartoons that exist entirely for our enjoyment, so why not just take the plunge and make such a cartoon? No big loss there.

In a way, this is not surprising. So much of the industrial complex of modern Christian worship is already fueled by market-tested formulas that it’s probably not a huge waste to remove the middle man and just let a slightly modified calculator do the job. With AI, there are no complicated egos, no messy spiritual deconstruction process, no doubts and, of course, no career-threatening scandals. All you’ve got is everything the modern cult world really needs: a cute chorus, some biblical buzzwords, and a pretty entertaining emotional high.

Tyler huckabee

Tyler Huckabee is the editor of RELEVANT. He lives in Nashville with his wife, dog and Twitter account.

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