Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” Music Video Cost “Unprecedented” $ 900,000

It’s nearly midnight and Michael Jackson was about to spend $ 1 million on his short film “Thriller.” This artist intended to pay for this production, however, later setting a precedent for other award-winning artists.

Here’s what we know about the music video for “Thriller” and why it was such a critical time for the music industry.

Michael Jackson accepts CBS and Guinness Book Of World Records award celebrating ‘Thriller’ | Yvonne Hemsey / Getty Images

Michael Jackson released his song ‘Thriller’ and its corresponding short

No mere mortal can resist the evil of “Thriller”. This song was released by Jackson in the 1980s. It continues to be a fan favorite, with the short film “Thriller” deserving as much (if not more) praise.

The nearly 14-minute YouTube video for “Thriller” currently has over 750 million views, making it one of Jackson’s most popular productions to feature on his official YouTube channel.

In the weeks leading up to Halloween, “Thriller” typically jumps to the top trending spot on Jackson’s Spotify page, currently at 340 million plays. The album of the same title also won several awards and international recognition.

In 1984, this production won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year. The same year he received the Brit Award for Best Selling Album. This clip is also known as one of the most expensive productions of its time.

Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” Was One of the Most Expensive Music Videos of Its Time

With iconic outfits and zombie dancers, it’s no surprise that the short “Thriller” cost Jackson a pretty dime. At the time of its creation, Jackson spent a record-breaking amount to make sure this clip matched the spooky theme of this Polar Track.

“When the production budget exceeded double the original proposal – ‘Thriller’ ended up costing $ 900,000, then an unprecedented cost for a music video – Jackson found an ingenious way to make up the difference,” VOX wrote.

“He hired a second film crew to document the ongoing production and convinced MTV and Showtime to pay for the license. The making of the thriller, which was ultimately created after the clip and (as Jackson reported in Lunar March) sold a million copies on its own, ”the article continues.

Michael Jackson created ‘The Making of Thriller’ documentary

It was the first time that a documentary film had been created on a music video. It “legitimized” Jackson’s work. It also set a precedent for other musicians exploring creative avenues when producing videos.

According to Forbes, in 2014, Janet and Michael Jackson currently hold the record for the most expensive music video of all time. Their production of “Scream” cost Jackson about $ 10.7 million after adjusting for inflation. As a result, this video won the Grammy for Best Short Form Music Video.

The artist went on to release songs like “Black or White” and “The Way You Make Me Feel”. Jackson’s music is available on most major streaming platforms.

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