Montreal-area teacher suspended for showing hip hop music video to students licensed to teach again

MONTREAL – A Montreal-area high school teacher who moonlights as a rapper will be back at work after a three-week suspension for showing one of his music videos to his students.

Chad Ashe, who teaches at Howard S. Billings Regional High School in Chateauguay, Que., Said he asked his students to share 10 things about themselves to get to know them better. In return, he showed them the video of his song Wahala open up to your class.

“I gave 10 things they should know about me. One of them was that I’m a recording artist and obviously the kids were so curious,” he said in an interview with CTV News.

Music, he says, has always played a big part in his life.

“Everything I do is always about creating music. I kind of started teaching because of the music.

In the video, Ashe and his girlfriend are seen by the pool. He said nothing came of it until he received a phone call on November 12 saying he was suspended.

“I thought it was a joke,” he said.

The New Frontiers School Board said it was parents who voiced concerns, but officials declined to provide further details.

The board confirmed he would return to class on Monday.

“A parent complains – that’s good. They have the right to complain, but I should also be able to talk to the parent where we can find common ground, ”he said on Friday.

There has been a lot of support for Ashe. A parent of one of his students started an online petition that collected more than 1,000 signatures.

Ashe said he plans to file a grievance through his union.

“I have to go fight for my name. It is very damaging. A charge can ruin your career, ”he said.

In the meantime, he said he would continue to do what he loves most: teaching and recording music.